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Inventor's Hall of Fame
A School Musical of science and communication
by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram
Arranged by Pete Schmutte
MP3 audioInventor's Hall of Fame (Excerpts)

Inventor's Hall of Fame - a school musical of science and communicationThis unique musical is a great way to teach children of all ages about the "world of communication" and five great inventors who have contributed to it.  An awards ceremony introduces and honors each inventor, hosted by the "Mother of Invention" herself, Necessity!  Fun, memorable songs teach historical facts as well as musical concepts.  Each is set up by clever dialog and dramatic opportunities for Necessity, the five inventors, and several other enjoyable characters.  There are also opportunities for non-speaking dramatic roles, and a few short solos.

Perfectly designed for young voices (suitable for grades 2 thru 8), the ranges and texts are carefully written.  The "cool" rhythms and enjoyable tracks by Pete Schmutte that accompany this musical make it a real winner.  The fact-based lyrics by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram serve to educate as well as motivate the next generation of inventors.  An absolute must for grade school teachers and children!

Inventor's Hall of Fame
Please, Mr. Gutenberg
Samuel Morse, of Course
He Brought Good Things to Life
Hello, Hello
Overnight Success
Inventor's Hall of Fame (Reprise)
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