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The Living Last Supper
A Dramatic Musical Experience for Holy Week
or Other Observances of Communion
by Ruth Elaine Schram

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Sample pages of The Living Last Supper (SATB) (PDF)

The Living Last Supper - A Dramatic Musical for Holy Week or Communion One of Christianity's most significant events was brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci centuries ago: The Last Supper. This Renaissance masterpiece is brought to life in Ruth Elaine Schram's remarkable work, "The Living Last Supper."

The music deftly and passionately captures the pathos of the event while, one by one, the disciples speak, expressing their innermost thoughts with brief but poignant monologues that also portray their incredible astonishment at Jesus' assertion that one of them would betray Him that fateful night.

High drama, emotional impact, and a spiritual reconnection with the true significance of The Last Supper are now available to ministries of all sizes. The music is tuneful and easily accessible, with some of Ruthie's finest choral writing to date, available in SATB or SAB voicing. The monologues are short and easily memorized. The score includes production suggestions, disciple descriptions, and an optional communion service to be served by "Jesus" and the assembled twelve for a truly unique and meaningful celebration of the Lord's Supper.

The small orchestration is designed to be easily played by church musicians, utilizing instrumentation that will beautifully augment the piano but not overwhelm even a small choir. The piano part is not a reduction of the orchestration; each instrumental part is optional and intended to supplement the piano accompaniment.

Also available is a Production Support CD-ROM. Designed to provide the technical assistance needed for an outstanding presentation, it includes an image of the background only of Da Vinci's painting that is suitable for projecting as a backdrop, or for use in creating a custom-made backdrop. Templates for creating your own programs and posters that coordinate with the cantata artwork are also included. Multiple file formats allow for maximum flexibility of use, and guidelines for use are included.

Whether included as a Holy Week service or any celebration of Holy Communion, "The Living Last Supper" will be a truly memorable presentation for your ministry of music.

Performance time: approximately 35 minutes, plus optional communion service.

MP3 audio Overture/Processional
MP3 audio How Great His Love
MP3 audio Simon Peter Monologue
MP3 audio Andrew Monologue
MP3 audio James, the Lesser Monologue
MP3 audio Is It I?
MP3 audio James, the Son of Zebedee Monologue
MP3 audio Matthew Monologue
MP3 audio Simon, the Zealot Monologue
MP3 audio King Triumphant
MP3 audio Bartholomew/Nathaniel Monologue
MP3 audio Philip Monologue
MP3 audio Thaddaeus/Lebbaeus Monologue
MP3 audio His Hands
MP3 audio John Monologue
MP3 audio Thomas Monologue
MP3 audio Judas Iscariot Monologue
MP3 audio You Are the Bread
MP3 audio How Great His Love (Finale / Reprise)
55/1110L - SATB
55/1116L - SAB
30/2200L - Small Orchestra Score and Parts
Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, 2 Percussion, Violin I & II, Viola, Cello, Bass
99/2048L - Performance CD
99/2049L - Bulk Performance CD (10 Pack)
99/2050L - Accompaniment CD
99/2051L - SA/TB part-dominant Rehearsal CDs (reproducible)
99/2069L - Production Support CD-ROM (Set and promotional images)
55/1111L - Performance CD/SATB Score Combination (one per church)

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