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Psalms For a New Time
exciting contemporary concert work by Ruth Elaine Schram
orchestrated by Julian Bond
MP3 audio Click to Listen: Psalms for a New Time

Psalms for a New Time - a contemporary concert workA contemporary concert work with a message for our time.

Ruth Elaine Schram has adapted some of the most cherished texts from the Psalms to create an exciting fourteen minute work in four movements, each about one of the many aspects of music. A variety of musical styles are utilized throughout the four sections of this fully orchestrated work. Geared specifically to today's choirs, the songs are upbeat and at times powerfully moving.

Dual texts have been provided to make this suitable for church or school use. Churches may wish to involve adult choir, youth choirs, or praise ensembles with either the full orchestration or a rhythm section.

This work may be performed in its entirety as a featured work, or as a complement to another major work to round out a concert program. Any of the four individual movements will also stand alone as a single song in your concert or service.

If you perform any large work during your concert season, your choir will love Psalms for a New Time!

A New Song (Based on Psalm 96) (dual text)
Making Music (Based on Psalm 98)
What Makes Me Sing? (Based on Psalm 33)
Joyful Noise (Based on Psalm 100 and 150) (dual text)
Warner Bros.
SVBM03002 - SATB
SVBM03002IN - Orchestration
SVBM03002CD - Accompaniment CD
SVBM03002CL - Listening CD
SVBM03002PP - Preview Pak

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