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Night of Wonder, Night of Joy
A Dramatic Musical Experience for Christmas
for Choir, Speakers, and Optional Small Orchestra
by Ruth Elaine Schram and Niel Lorenz
Orchestrated by Stan Pethel

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Night of Wonder, Night of Joy - A Dramatic Musical for Christmas for Choir, Speakers and Optional Small Orchestra Night of Wonder, Night of Joy is a worship service that celebrates the wondrous miracles surrounding the birth of our Savior. The story begins with Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, finding shelter behind the inn as they prepare for Jesus' birth. The scene then shifts to generations earlier, when the Israelites were enslaved and expectantly looked forward to the coming of a King to free them, the fulfillment of ancient prophecy. The first Christmas scene returns as the service concludes with a celebration of the wonder and joy of God's special gift to us: a Savior, Jesus Christ.

The presentation may be as simple or as complex as you wish. The narration may be presented simply, by readers, or dramatically, with characters in costume pantomiming the events as the story unfolds. (Optional cues for lighting and staging suggestions are included.) Narration is written for two to four persons, male or female, though more can be used. The narration provides historical context and background information, explains the actions of the characters, and sets the mood for the songs. There is one short (optional) male solo and one (complete song) female solo with choral backups. Available for SATB or SAB voices with Part-dominant rehearsal CDs (reproducible) available for both voicings. The beautiful orchestration by Stan Pethel is available for live musicians (2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 french horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, harp, piano, percussion, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, and bass) or on a recorded Accompaniment CD.

Inspired by the miraculous events of that first Christmas, Niel Lorenz and Ruth Elaine Schram have combined their great talents to create a dramatic musical experience that is certain to fill the hearts of all believers with a sense of wonder and joy in God's goodness.

Audio Samples

MP3 audio Overture / Processional
MP3 audio Night Of Wonder, Night Of Joy
MP3 audio Narration 1
MP3 audio Song Of Bethlehem
MP3 audio Narration 2
MP3 audio Show Me The Way
MP3 audio Narration 3
MP3 audio I Rejoice In Him
MP3 audio Narration 4
MP3 audio Hear The Angels Sing
MP3 audio Narration 5
MP3 audio Silent The Night
MP3 audio Narration 6
MP3 audio The Promise
MP3 audio Narration 7
MP3 audio Magnify The Lord
65/1999L - SATB Book
65/2000L - SAB Book
65/2001L - Perf CD/SATB Score Combination
99/2335L - Performance CD
99/2336L - Bulk Performance CDs (10 pak)
99/2337L - Accompaniment CD
99/2338L - SA/TB Part-dominant Rehearsal CD
99/2365L - SA/B Part-dominant Rehearsal CD
30/2384L - Orchestral Score and Parts

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