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Starry Night, Noisy Night
A Christmas Musical for Children
for Choir, Speakers, and piano
(All-in-one book with included performance / accompaniment CD)
by Ruth Elaine Schram and Scott Schram

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Starry Night, Noisy Night - A Christmas Musical for Children Starry Night, Noisy Night is a charming Christmas musical filled with humorous references to modern distractions that prevent us from experiencing the true meaning of Christmas.

The story is told from the stable animals' point of view: Cows (Cowcaffonnee and Moozicowity), who are annoyed by the bright starlight; Sheep (Pianissimo and Fortissimo), who spend so much time gazing through their window at the activity outside the stable they almost miss the miraculous scene unfolding before them; and Chickens (Marsala and Cacciatore), who are too busy pecking out IMs to other chickens to receive the message conveyed by the birth of the Christ Child.

The musical ends on a quiet, reverent, and worshipful note, encouraging all in attendance to turn away from life's distractions to celebrate God's great gift of love.

Approximately 20 minutes in length, Starry Night, Noisy Night is written for unison voices (some optional two-part) with fully supportive keyboard accompaniment, and delightfully orchestrated accompaniment tracks by Tim Hayden. Recommended for grades K - 6, it is designed to be as flexible as possible and is appropriate for performance with as few as 10 children or many more.

The staging is simple, with minimal dialog, narration that can be read by an older child or adult, and helpful staging directions. The seven songs, plus overture / processional, include many familiar tunes to facilitate the learning process.

Everything that you need to prepare this musical is included in the Book/CD combination: staging directions; a list of characters, costume tips and prop suggestions; and a mixed-media CD with reproducible singers' pages with dialog, full performance recordings, and accompaniment tracks.


MP3 audio Overture/Processional
MP3 audio Opening Narration
MP3 audio Starry Night, Noisy Night
MP3 audio Scene 1
MP3 audio Sounds, Sights and Stars
MP3 audio Scene 2
MP3 audio Away in a Manger
MP3 audio Scene 3
MP3 audio Angel Echoes
MP3 audio Scene 4
MP3 audio What Child is This
MP3 audio Scene 5
MP3 audio Open Our Eyes
MP3 audio Closing Narration
MP3 audio Still, Silent Night
30/2501L - Book/CD Combination

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