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Traveling On
Solo Songs for the Male Changing Voice
written and arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram

MP3 audio Click to listen: Traveling on (Excerpts)

Traveling On - Solo Songs for the Male Changing VoiceTraveling On contains a wide variety of songs, from spirituals and folk songs to originally composed works, especially compiled, arranged and composed for the male changing voice. Traveling On begins with songs for the "just changing" voice, then progresses on to songs for the young tenor, and finally, to songs for the young baritone. The ranges of each work (see below) are designed to fit each stage of development.

Songs can be selected from this volume that will complement the voice during this period of change. The collection can be used and enjoyed through the entire voice change process.

The book includes a beautifully recorded CD with both demo performances and accompaniment tracks.

Kum Ba Yah vocal range Accompaniment CD
All My Trials vocal range
Salangadou (French folksong) vocal range
Lonesome Road vocal range
My Lord, What a Morning vocal range
Rock Island Line vocal range
The Song That Nature Sings vocal range
The Erie Canal vocal range
Oh, Shenandoah vocal range
Peace Like a River vocal range
BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BLB003 - Book and Accompaniment CD

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