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When I Reflect
a collection of motivational vocal solos & duets
featuring the music of Greg Gilpin, Mark Hayes, Ruth Elaine Schram and Carl Strommen

MP3 audio Click to Listen: When I Reflect (Excerpts)

When I Reflect - a collection of motivational vocal solos & duetsWhether you are a teacher, student, or singer within your community or church, you are certain to face the challenge of finding good solo material to fit the special needs of performances today.

This collection provides you with beautiful and inspiring texts and melodies by four of the most inspired and prolific writers of our time.

Inspiration is essential to human life, and the human soul and spirit. "May I Be a Hero" will challenge us all to aspire to heroism. Appreciation for teachers, mentors, and parents is evidenced in "When I Reflect." "If You Search" speaks to self-motivation and will challenge the singer and listener to strive for higher achievements in life.

Just as the study of history is essential to the future of any great civilization, so is reflection crucial to the future of our individual and collective lives. This collection provides singers with an appropriate tool to lead others in this quest.

Edited by Cherry G. Tadlock, the book includes a beautifully recorded CD with both demo performances and accompaniment tracks.

American Hymn (Strommen)
Climb Your Own Rainbow (Strommen)
The Gifts You've Given To My Life (Gilpin)
If You Search (Schram)
Let There Be Peace On Earth (Hayes)
May I Be A Hero (Schram)
Take Me Home (Strommen)
We Never Really Say Goodbye (Gilpin)
When I Reflect (Schram)
Carl Fischer
VF6 - Book and Accompaniment CD

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