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A La Nanita Nana  New for SATB!
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
This hauntingly beautiful arrangement of the Traditional Spanish carol features the gentle feel of a lullaby and an interesting mixture of major and minor modes. Both Spanish and English lyrics are used, and a pronunciation guide is included.

Now available in multiple voicings; suitable for school or church use. Originally published in Ruthie's musical, "It's Christmas Everywhere." Beautifully recorded accompaniment CD is available, orchestrated by Greg Gilpin.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3330H - SATB
15/2490H - Three-part Mixed
15/2489H - Two Part
15/3061H - SSA
99/2378H - P/A CD

All For a Baby
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
After a brief introduction that implies glittering points of light in a midnight blue December sky, treble voices float in the upper register before the fluid accompaniment enters. This gorgeous original is an absolutely enchanting welcome to the Christ child. "Stars illuminate the midnight sky. Never has there been a night so bright; I ask why. All for a Baby, tucked in a manger, all for this tiny child ..." Equally suitable for school or church use, for mixed or ladies voices.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2526H - SATB
15/2527H - SSA
99/2400H - P/A CD

All the Earth Will Sing for Joy
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This has been a perennial Best Seller since its publication in 1990!  Versatile song arranged for two part any combination, based on the beloved Psalm 100 text. Moderate ranges and singable lines are perfect for children's voices (flute doubles part I up the octave), youth, senior adults, small adult choirs or choirs with limited rehearsal time.

Harold Flammer / Shawnee Press
EA-5108 - Two Part, Any Combination

Alleluia, Praise His Name
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SAB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
This beautiful, enduring praise anthem will be a favorite of your choir and congregation! The simplicity of the text is underscored by fluid accompaniment. Scored for SAB with a fourth part cued in the bass clef to easily adapt it for SATB choirs.

Shawnee Press
D-5437 - SAB or SATB
E-5299 - Two Part Treble
MD5320 - Accompaniment / Performance CD

Angels Watching Over Me
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
Equally suitable for church or school use, this delightful melding of three spirituals allows opportunities for young, developing choirs to create beautiful tone quality while preparing for an artistic performance. The comforting message of guardian angels watching over us begins with "All Night, All Day," then glides into "In the morning, when I rise ..." and concludes with "Every night when the sun goes in ... Angels watching over me...." For mixed or treble voices.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2548H - Three-part Mixed
15/2562H - Two-part
99/2418H - P/A CD

At Home, Let There Be Love
View scoreView SAB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SAB)
Effective song incorporating the beautiful hymn "Blest Be the Tie that Binds" (by John Fawcett and Hans G. Nageli), using SATB voices and children's choir (or solo voice or small ensemble). "...May we be slow to anger and fast to forgive; may joy and patience abound where we live; at home, sweet home, let there be love..." Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Dedications, or any general service with a family emphasis.

Alfred (formerly Belwin Mills / Warner Bros.)
BSC9710 - SATB / Unison Children
BSCM04001 - SAB / Unison Children

View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioListen to the complete work
The ACDA Choral Journal called this Ruth Elaine Schram text "intelligently written and highly poetic," an "enchanting work."  This sensitive, expressive lullaby is destined to be a classic for ladies voices. The wonderful Christmas story is painted in hushed tones and gently brought to life. Suitable for school or church use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL114 - SSA

Be Still and Know
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 9
Adaptation of the beloved scripture passage in Psalm 46. The dynamics range from soft and contemplative to strong and powerful. This piece is suitable for general use, or for worship services exploring the character of God where a reverent anthem is desired.

Hal Leonard
08742214 - SATB

Bleak Midwinter's Silent Night
View scoreView score page 4, page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Joining two respected carols into a touching tapestry of praise, this beautiful partner treatment of two loved melodies is a creative selection for the holidays. A part of the "Worship Songs Jr." series, this piece is suitable for church or school use. Optional Flute part is included in the score and adds a wistful touch.

Featured in the Golden Globe and Oscar nominated film, "Joy" starring Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence.

Shawnee Press
E5296 - Two Part Treble
MD5219 - Jubilation 2005 Accompaniment / Performance CD

Born to Be the Bread
View scoreView score page 1, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
An optional cello obligato (included in the score) adds the crowning touch to this tender anthem that reflects the mystery and wonder of the incarnation. Specifically designed for the observance of Communion during the Christmas season.

Monarch (Lorenz)
10/3599M - SATB
99/2159M - Accompaniment CD

Bread and Wine of Life
View scoreView score page 7
The cherished praise chorus "As the Deer" by Martin Nystrom is incorporated into a warm, inviting original work by Ruth Elaine Schram, originally appearing in her Easter cantata "Dawn of Resurrection." The beautiful chorus opens this intimate statement of faith and praise. With quiet grace and elegance, the charming communion hymn is a tapestry of beauty that is both musically and lyrically satisfying. Perfect for Lent, Holy Week, or Communion Services throughout the year.

Hal Leonard
08743404 - SATB
08743349 - Bonus Trax

By Candlelight
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2, page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSAA)
This stunning Christmas original by Ruth Elaine Schram is now available for Two Part Mixed voices in addition to the other voicings. A marvelous lyric describes how beautiful the first Christmas night must have been "by candlelight." Gentle, lyrical music ebbs and flows to perfectly complement the text. Simple and elegant in every way, this is a must for your church and school choirs. In addition to the lovely piano part, a beautifully orchestrated Accompaniment CD is also available.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SV9943 - SATB
42931 - Two-Part Mixed
SV9944 - Three Part Mixed
SV9945 - Two Part
SVM01001 - SSAA
SV9943CD - Accompaniment CD

Carry His Light
View scoreView score page 1, page 5
This easy-to-learn piece is perfect for use as a processional and/or recessional for services during the Christmas season. Voiced as Two Part Mixed, the simple melody is done once in unison, then echoed creating the effect of harmony. The bright, lively work optionally incorporates the beloved Charles Wesley text to "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus." The work may be performed a cappella or accompanied by Handbells, Piano, or both, making this a very flexible anthem for use during Advent and Christmas.

Hal Leonard
08743110 - Two Part Mixed with optional Hand Bells

Children, Go Where I Send Thee
View scoreView score page 1, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Imaginative arrangement of the traditional favorite. This bright, crisp setting is very easy to sing yet sounds impressive when sung by even the youngest of choirs. Suitable for church or school use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM04010 - SATB
SV98135 - Two Part

Christmas Grace
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Inspired by and dedicated to Ruthie's granddaughter, Natalie Grace (whose name means "Christmas Grace"), this tender offering beautifully reflects God's gift of grace to us through His Son. Seeing the helplessness of her tiny, brand new grandbaby was the inspiration for this timeless piece. "To take God's Son from heaven, to turn the Lord of all into a helpless infant, a baby weak and small; to give to our Creator a fully human face: This is Christmas Grace..." Hints of "Amazing Grace" occur in the piano accompaniment and String orchestration for added emphasis to the theme of God's grace coming to us in the form of a tiny Child. String Orchestra score and parts available separately.

Monarch (Lorenz)
10/3278M - SATB
10/4644L - SAB/Two-part Mixed
30/2018M - String Orchestra Score and Parts
99/1889M - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Come, Be Fed
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
This winsome musical invitation to come to the table of the Lord and share the communion feast was written by Ruth Elaine Schram and her daughter, Celsie (Mrs. Robert) Staggers. Independent lines between the upper voices and lower voices enhance the beauty of the message. "No one need go hungry; no one need thirst again. Come be filled, come, be fed."

Hal Leonard
08743339 - SATB
08743348 - Bonus Trax

Emmanuel, Expected Jesus  New for Two-part Mixed!
View scoreView score page 2, page 3, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This fervent plea for the Messiah to come is truly a creative blend of familiar texts and tunes that work surprisingly well when partnered. Ample unison passages ensure quick preparation of this devotional anthem during the busy Advent/Christmas season. The optional cello part (included in score) adds a dimension of warmth to this inspired anthem.

10/3724L - SATB with Opt. Cello
10/4753L - Two-part Mixed
99/2312L - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Fall, Slow Tears
View scoreView SSATB score page 1
View scoreView SAB score page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SAB)
The SSATB revoicing of this best-selling title by Ruth Elaine Schram is her 1000th choral publication, making this an historic printing both for her and for Carl Fischer Music. In the musical lines of the voices and piano accompaniment alike, the "falling" motive of shed tears creates a highly symbolic experience for singers as well as worshippers. This lush, thought-provoking and reflective work calls worshippers to a time of repentance and recognition of what Christ has done for us by His death on the cross. This gorgeous piece is perfectly suited for Communion, Lenten or other services of confession. Stunning, beautiful, and hauntingly memorable!

Carl Fischer
CM8687 - SAB
CM8838 - SSATB

For the Autumn Sky
View scoreView SATB score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen
There are many things to be thankful for in God's beautiful world -- for the ever-changing seasons; for the crisp, chill breeze of an autumn wind; for the sun and the rejuvenating rain; for the fertile earth and its bountiful harvest; but mostly for God's gift of His Son and His promise of eternal life. These precious gifts of God create the framework for this beautiful, gently flowing song of thanks and praise from Ruth Elaine Schram, suitable for Thanksgiving or anytime during the fall season.

Alfred (formerly Belwin Mills / Warner Bros.)
BSCM00023 - SATB
29248 - SAB

Give Me Jesus
A lovely pairing of two traditional spirituals, this artful arrangement opens with "Give Me Jesus" then flows so seamlessly into "Steal Away to Jesus" that the listener is unaware of the change to the second tune. Beautiful harmonic colors and a supportive accompaniment make this anthem a great addition to any library. Suitable for General Use or during Lent.

The new Vocal Duet folio works with male or female voices.

10/4378L - SATB / Piano
80/1094L - Vocal Duet
99/3321L - Accompaniment CD

His Hands
View scoreView SATB score page 5, page 6, page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This brilliant text takes us on a journey of Christ's life through hands which took the impact of childhood falls, felt the textures of wood in a carpenter's home, blessed bread to feed multitudes, healed the sick, washed feet, and ultimately bore the scars of crucifixion on a cross. It is a moving anthem sure to inspire choirs and congregations alike. Available SATB or SAB, with beautiful orchestration that will not overwhelm even a smaller choir. (From the cantata for Holy Week or communion, "The Living Last Supper". Orchestration includes parts for flute, oboe, clarinet 1 & 2, percussion, Violin 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.) Suitable for Lent, or observances of the Lord's Supper throughout the church year.

Exaltation (Lorenz)
10/3654L - SATB
10/3655L - SAB
30/2296L - Small Orchestra Score and Parts
99/2219L - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Hymns We Love (cover) Hymns We Love
Six well-known contemporary church music composers have each chosen two hymns to be included in this refreshingly unique collection for piano. Also included are their personal stories and thoughts about why the chosen hymns are their favorites.

more info...

In the Bleak Midwinter
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Beloved text by Christina Rossetti and music by Gustav Holst has been given a fresh setting by Ruth Elaine Schram for ladies voices. Hints of favorite Christmas carols can be heard throughout the piece, both in the alto part and in the piano accompaniment, underscoring germane portions of the text and in the segues between verses.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL270 - SSA

Is It I, Lord? (cover) Is It I, Lord?
View scoreView score page 1
The thoughtful text by David Davenport is given focus by an expressive melody and supportive accompaniment in this Number One seller. Part for optional flute (or other C-instrument) is included. Suitable for Communion services, Lent, Holy Week, or Good Friday.

Triune (Lorenz)
10/1224T-2 - SATB

Kyrie (based upon Largo from The New World Symphony)
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Traditional Latin text set to music based upon Movement II, "Largo," from Symphony No. 9, Opus 95, "From the New World" by Antonin Dvorak, arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram. This well-known melody is also known as the Spiritual "Goin' Home." Optional oboe or other C-instrument part is included.

17977 - SATB (Level Three)
44237 - SAB
17978 - Three Part Mixed (Level Two)
17979 - Two Part / SSA (Level Two)

Like a Child, I Wait
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This tender ballad is an insightful look through the eyes of the child in all of us as we await the promised Messiah. The memorable melody, accessible parts and supportive accompaniment make this the perfect anthem consideration for Sundays early in Advent. "Like a child, I wait for the promises to be fulfilled...with a simple child-like faith..." Optional Flute part included in score. Beautiful!

Exaltation (Lorenz)
10/3575L - SATB with Opt. Flute
99/2142L - Accompaniment CD

The Living Last Supper (cover) The Living Last Supper
A Dramatic Musical Experience for Holy Week or other observances of Communion. The set is based on the brilliant portrayal of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, music and script by Ruth Elaine Schram. Suitable for choirs of all sizes, easily accessible for smaller music programs in SATB or SAB.

more info...

The Living Light (cover) The Living Light
A Dramatic Musical experience for the Christmas season tells the story of Christ's birth and examines various reactions to His arrival. Accessible and within the capabilities of any size church or music program, available SATB or SAB. Small Orchestra parts are available separately (strings, winds, and light percussion, all optional) which will not overwhelm even a small choir.

more info...

Lord's a-Coming, We're Awaiting
View scoreView score page 1, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen
The expectation of the season is expertly set up by a rhythmic ostinato as the title of this piece is chanted throughout. Ruthie has skillfully captured the Southern Gospel sound in the simple, yet effective four-part writing and the idiomatic accompaniment of this well-wrought selection. Fun, upbeat Accompaniment CD is also available.

Carl Fischer
CM8739 - SATB
CM8739CD - Accompaniment CD

Lord, Build Our House
Powerful arrangement incorporating the early American hymn "How Firm a Foundation." SATB and children's voices unite to sing "...How firm a foundation He builds for His own, when our homes are His dwelling, our hearts are His throne..." Suitable for general services with a family emphasis, Christian Family Sunday, or for special occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings or anniversary celebrations.

Fred Bock
BG2273 - SATB / Children

Lullaby On the Wind
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
In the hushed silence of Bethlehem we are drawn to a simple stable by the lullaby of a new mother mingled with sounds of a baby's soft cry. This tender moment is beautifully depicted with original music incorporating portions of Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr's "Silent Night" in a tender lullaby that will leave your audience breathless. Sensitive and artistically done. Add wind chimes (each time "Silent Night" is introduced) for an unforgettable effect!

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3036H - SATB / Piano
15/1763H - Three Part Mixed / Piano
15/1764H - Two Part / Piano
99/1749H - Heritage Accompaniment CD #15 (Multi-song)

Lullay Alleluia
View scoreView SSA score page 6, page 7, page 8
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This gorgeous melding of two beloved carol tunes, "Lullay My Liking" and "The Coventry Carol," features an original text and provides a beautiful and worshipful Christmas lullaby for treble or ladies voices. Artful dynamics rise and fall with the melodic lines, then crescendo to a joyful alleluia. The cello obbligato truly enhances this stunning setting. Available for Two Part or SSA voices; Accompaniment CD available. Suitable for church or school use. This anthem also appears in the SSA collection Six Anthems for Women's Voices and would make a lovely trio or small ensemble piece.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2627H - SATB, with opt. Cello
15/2386H - Two Part, with opt. Cello
15/2418H - SSA, with opt. Cello
45/1158L - SSA Collection
99/2257H - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Magnify the Lord
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Lush setting of two beloved scripture passages: Psalm 34:3 (Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.) and Luke 1:46-54 (the Magnificat, as spoken by Mary). The two passages are woven seamlessly and complement one another beautifully.  A unique and beautiful selection any time during the Christmas season, especially Christmas Eve.

Carl Fischer
CM8668 - SAB
VF8 - Included in "They Could Not" Solo Collection

My Heart, Your Bethlehem
View scoreView score page 6, page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen
A delicate, yet powerful musical message is tastefully joined with the familiar carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem" in this heartfelt expression for the Christmas season by David Gaines and Ruth Elaine Schram. A short, optional a cappella section quoting the hymn is artfully woven in to this arrangement. Optional string orchestra parts (by David Dixon) bring additional beauty to this reflective setting. String score and parts or an Accompaniment CD are available separately.

Monarch (Lorenz)
10/2805M - SATB
10/3997L - SAB
30/1762M - String Parts
99/1683M - Accompaniment CD

Night of Wonder, Night of Joy (cover) Night of Wonder, Night of Joy
"Night of Wonder, Night of Joy" is a worship service that celebrates the wondrous miracles surrounding the birth of our Savior, composed by Niel Lorenz and Ruth Elaine Schram with full orchestration by Stan Pethel.

Lasting approximately 35 minutes, the presentation may be as simple as two narrators, or may involve more speakers and/or characters in Biblical costume. Available for SATB or SAB voices.

This dramatic musical experience is certain to fill the hearts of all believers with a sense of wonder and joy in God's goodness to us through the gift of Jesus.

more info...

No Greater Gift
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Unforgettably gorgeous, lyrical setting of the First Corinthians "love" passage. Perfect for General use, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or weddings. Ruthie has dedicated this song to her daughter, Crystie, and her son-in-law, Dan, who were married December 30, 2000.

20889 - SATB
20890 - Two Part Mixed / SAB
36993 - 2-Part Treble

Not My Will, But Thine
View scoreView score page 1
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Perennial best seller and one of Ruthie's personal favorites!  Tender, expressive anthem with haunting oboe part is perfect for Lent or Holy Week. The song is sung from the perspective of Christ himself as he tries to find the courage and strength to do the Father's will. In an effective alternate ending, the piano accompanies the oboe as it softly plays the melody.

Harold Flammer / Shawnee Press
A-6603 - SATB
D-5557 - SAB

On This Holy Night
View scoreView score page 6
This song incorporates "The Coventry Carol" which works in partnership with original words and music to depict the arrival of God's Son to earth on that holy night.   Set in gentle 3/4 time as two part any combination, it may be sung by children's voices, mixed adult voices, senior adults, or youth ensembles.

Hal Leonard
08742786 - Two Part

Peace Like a River
View scoreView score page 1, page 4, page 5
Traditional African-American Spiritual is set for unison or two part voices with flowing piano accompaniment. Expressive arrangement begins in 4/4, then goes into 3/4 as the text changes to "love is flowing," then back into an energetic 4/4 section for "joy like a fountain," then ends up as it began. Suitable for church or school use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL175 - Unison / opt. Two Part

Peaceful, Silent Night (cover) Peaceful, Silent Night
View scoreView Two Part score page 5
MP3 audioListen to an excerpt
This best-selling anthem is based on the well-known Christmas carol "Stille Nacht," but set in 4/4 rather than the traditional 3/4, giving the melody a more relaxed feel. An original second melody (with original lyrics) works alone or as a lower descant or counter-melody. The lush keyboard part may also be used as a piano solo during the holidays.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL106 - Unison / Optional Two-Part
BL149 - SATB

Praise the God of Resurrection (cover) Praise the God of Resurrection
Walking through the last days of Jesus' earthly life, this short Easter cantata (featuring the music of Mark Hayes, Lloyd Larson, Joseph Martin, and Ruth Elaine Schram) is a moving reminder of the power of the Living God.

more info...

The Rose E'er Blooming
View scoreView SATB score page 6, page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Stunning, transportive Advent anthem that lyrically weaves together "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" and "What Child Is This?" to create an unforgettable work. Suitable for Advent, Annunciation of Mary, or services of Lessons and Carols.

20941 - SATB (Level Three)
20943 - Unison / Two Part (Level One)

Roses and Thorns (cover) Roses and Thorns
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
This beautiful text (translated from Russian by Geoffrey Dearmer and used by permission of Oxford University Press) is hauntingly set in D minor (without the 3rd for the most part) and 3/4 meter. The simplistic message of this song will linger long after the music is over. Chord symbols are given for optional guitar, and a three-octave handbell part is also included. Perfect for the Lenten season; also suitable for general use.

Choristers Guild
CGA737 - Unison / Optional Two Part

Shalom, Pacem, Peace
Based upon the haunting "By the Waters of Babylon" folk tune, this gorgeous, poignant setting is a call for peace in three languages: Hebrew, Latin, and English. Set as a round, it will work for any combination of voices and will be easily learned by any age group. Optional instrumental parts for Cello and Two Violins (or Flute and Oboe) add depth and beauty to the flowing accompaniment in this piece that is equally effective for school and church.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2948H - SATB with Descant / Piano
15/2796H - Three-part Any Combination
99/2778H - Performance/Accompaniment CD

Shine For You
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Hear the stars tell the Christmas story from their point of view!  "...I see the wise men bringing incense and gold to you. Traveling from afar, searching the skies for a star! I will shine for you, if it's all I can do, I will shine for the child of Christmas!..."  Delightful selection for your winter concert, suitable for school or church use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01039 - SATB
SVM01041 - Two Part
SVM01039CD - Accompaniment CD

Simple Gifts
View scoreView Two Part score page 8, page 9
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
The 18th century Shaker hymn tune has been artfully arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram for multiple voicings.  Use of unison and echo singing, in conjunction with beautiful harmonies make this piece easy to learn but lush to the ear.  Optional flute part is included in the score.  Equally suitable for church or school use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01028 - SATB
SVM01031 - SSA
SVM01032 - TBB
SVM01029 - Three Part Mixed
SVM01030 - Two Part

Sing We All Noel
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
This fun, upbeat pairing of two African folk songs (from Ruthie's collection, "It's Christmas Everywhere") is a dynamite choice for your choir of any age during the Christmas holidays. Two sets of lyrics are included, making this perfectly suitable for church or school use. Employing a variety of percussion adds to the fun, and specific suggestions and ideas for use are provided. For mixed or treble voices; delightful accompaniment CD orchestrated by Greg Gilpin. Three-part Mixed / SAB version works with E - C range or F - D range for guys.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2981H - SATB / Piano / Percussion
15/2488H - Three-part Mixed / SAB
15/2487H - Two-part
99/2377H - P/A CD

Still, Still, Still
View scoreView Two Part score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Easy to learn but effective arrangement of the familiar German carol, now available for SATB as well as Three Part Mixed or Two Part voices. Suitable for school or church use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SV98106 - Two Part
SV98105 - Three-Part Mixed
SVM00049 - SATB
SVM00049CD - Accompaniment CD

We Bring Our Thanks
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Thoughtful text by J. Paul Williams set for SAB voices (in conservative three-part-mixed ranges) by Ruth Elaine Schram.  Perfect for stewardship emphases, or any time an anthem of praise and thanksgiving is desired. The limited ranges make it suitable for developing voices as well as adult ensembles.

Harold Flammer / Shawnee Press
D5483 - SAB (Three Part Mixed)

What Child Is This
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
This gorgeous setting of the beloved carol is set for SSA voices. By featuring two clarinets, Ruthie has created a hauntingly beautiful and unique Middle Eastern aura. Optional lyrics are included to make it equally suitable for school use as well.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2826H - SATB
15/2680H - SSA
99/2612H - P/A CD

When Will the Little King Come?
View scoreView Two Part score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
This charming anthem of expectation has been a perennial best-seller since the publication of the two-part version in 1990.  It is perfect for Advent and also serves well for Christ the King Sunday.  Because of the antiphony, the Two Part version is an excellent teaching piece for choirs beginning to sing in parts, unison choirs, or young voices, but is also suitable for senior adults or mixed choirs with limited rehearsal time.  The SAB and SATB voicings are fuller, but not difficult to learn.

7951 - SATB (Level 2)
7950 - SAB (Level 2)
7794 - Two Part any combination
21004 - Unison or two part

When You Break the Bread
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
One of Alfred's "Sacred Super Seven Anthems of Distinction," this Communion classic features unforgettable melodies and rich harmonies, highly expressive yet easily prepared in several voicings. Suitable for Holy Week or Communion Services any time of the year.

4208 - SATB
4210 - Two Part any Combination

You Are the Bread
The sacrifice of Jesus' life for mankind and His invitation that we must simply come to Him for salvation is never as clear as in this tender anthem by Ruth Elaine Schram. A flowing accompaniment supports text that references both John 6:48 and the Passover blessing. (The actual blessing Jesus would have quoted when He blessed the bread and broke it.) The addition of a flute obbligato helps to make this piece an ideal choice for a reflective Communion service. Available SATB or SAB. Extracted from the cantata "The Living Last Supper" (SATB -55/1110L; SAB - 55/1116L)

10/3952L - SATB
10/3853L - SAB
99/2644L - Accompaniment CD

Your Love Will Never Let Me Go
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Lyrical, expressive song of assurance based on the familiar passage in Romans 8. Suitable any time during the church year but particularly meaningful during Lent when our thoughts turn to God's love and Christ's sacrifice for us.

Shawnee Press
A7643 - SATB

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