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The Living Light
A Dramatic Musical Experience for Christmas
for Choir, Speakers, and Optional Small Orchestra
by Ruth Elaine Schram
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The Living Light - A Dramatic Musical for Christmas for Choir, Speakers and Optional Small Orchestra Similar in concept to its predecessor, "The Living Last Supper", this unique presentation of the Christmas story is seen through the eyes of those who witnessed the first Christmas in Bethlehem many years ago.

The music is Ruth Elaine Schram at her best – beautiful melodies, thoughtful texts, well-crafted part writing – and includes familiar carols with possible congregational participation as well. The demands of the optional orchestration are modest, making it possible for the use of live instruments even on a limited budget. As with “The Living Last Supper,” this musical is meant to be accompanied by piano, and the instrumental parts are optional. The piano part is not a reduction of the orchestration but a beautiful, pianistic accompaniment. If you choose to use the entire orchestra parts available, the instruments will not overwhelm even a small choir. A beautifully recorded accompaniment CD is also available, if desired.

There are brief monologues for ten characters, ranging from Mary and Joseph to members of the Innkeeper's family, interspersed among the seven songs, each offering their personal perspective on the unusual events surrounding them. The set is simple, and requires no changing of scenery or props, making it easy to set up, light, and arrange sound amplification. Also included are character descriptions, set and staging suggestions, and hints for wardrobe and props – everything you need to make your production not only a success, but a success that is easy to achieve.

"The Living Light" is flexible and accessible enough to appeal to – and be within the capabilities of – most music ministry programs. It is available for SATB or SAB voices, and the publisher has provided part-rehearsal CD’s for both versions. This unique Christmas presentation will be the cornerstone of the celebration of the Christ-child, no matter the size of the church, and will be remembered for years to come.

Audio Samples

MP3 audioOverture
MP3 audioThe Living Light
MP3 audioSend Us the Light
MP3 audioI Can See It In Your Eyes (Female solo)
MP3 audioGlory to the Newborn King (Carol medley)
MP3 audioChrist the King
MP3 audioOne True King (Male solo)
MP3 audioThe Living Light (reprise)
65/1989L - SATB Score
65/1990L - SAB Score
30/2279L - Small Orchestra Score and Parts
Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Percussion, Violin I & II, Viola, Cello, Bass
99/2192L - Performance CD (includes both SATB and SAB performances)
99/2193L - Bulk Performance CD (10 pack)
99/2194L - Accompaniment CD
99/2195L - SA/TB Part-dominant Rehearsal CDs (reproducible)
99/2200L - SA/B Part-dominant Rehearsal CDs (reproducible)
65/1991L - Performance CD / SATB Score Combination
65/1992L - Performance CD / SAB Score Combination

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