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Choristers Guild

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Featured works from Choristers Guild, by Ruth Elaine Schram:

Ahrirang  New!
Lovely setting of the beloved Korean folk song about the mountain pass of Ahrirang Hill. Sung predominantly in English, the pentatonic melodies and open harmonies are presented in unison and canon to appropriately convey the style of the song and the depiction of the text. Ahrirang is often believed to be a symbol of peace, contentment, and personal triumph. This makes a wonderful selection to teach the context and style of music from that region.

Choristers Guild
CGE197 - SSA
CGE198 - Two-part
CGECD85 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Ale Pun
This vibrantly rhythmic and percussive setting of the traditional Spanish tune is all decked out with a new English text and is absolutely infectious. The original Spanish is offered as a performance option, along with a pronunciation guide and translation, although the piece may be performed entirely in English. Percussion parts for tambourine, triangle, finger cymbals, jingle bells and wood block are included which will add a festive flair to this exciting multicultural creative programming gem.

A wonderful resource of the new Sing! catalog (Educational division of Choristers Guild) is the inclusion of a Learning Resource Page (included in this piece, inside the front cover). These provide students with focus questions and suggested learning experiences to become engaged with the work and the newly developed National Core Arts Standards for Music Ensembles (2014).

CGE38 - TB
CGE40 - Three-part Mixed
CGE41 - Two-part Mixed

Beneath the Snow  New!
What a fresh, new take on a winter piece with an important theme of hope and determination! The text sings of a secret garden beneath the snow where all the flower bulbs are determined to grow and develop underground despite winter's cold, snow, and ice so that they can be the first to announce the arrival of spring. Expressive and beautiful writing by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram!

CGE215 - SSA

Hanukkah Is Here!  New!
This festive major-key setting of an original Hanukkah piece presents a different look at the Feast of Lights. Upbeat and cheerful, it sings of the miracle of light coming from darkness, and hope coming from despair - just as it was needed most. Vocal layering, repetition and a memorable melody make it a quick learn at a busy time of year. By Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram.

Choristers Guild
CGE184 - Three-part Mixed
CGE185 - Two-part
CGECD80 - Performance/Accompaniment CD

This bright, upbeat pairing of the spirituals "I Ain't Gonna Grieve My Lord No More" and "I Got Shoes" features call and response and simple harmonies supported by a fun, rhythmic piano accompaniment. Especially effective as a concert or festival opener or closer, it is a superb programming choice for young and developing choirs.

Choristers Guild
CGE95 - Three-part Mixed
CGE96 - Two-part

Lullay, Infant Holy  New!
A gentle pairing of two beloved Christmas carols, the Polish carol "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" and the English "Coventry Carol." Together they create a lovely lullaby setting for the celebration of the birth of the Christmas child. This gentle piece will set up a moment of quiet reflection in your Winter Concert.

Choristers Guild
CGE223 - Three-part Mixed / SAB
CGE224 - Two-part
CGECD90 - Performance/Accompaniment CD

Over the Sea to Skye
Ruth Elaine Schram's wonderfully creative arrangement exudes a wistful, fresh take on this Scottish folk song favorite and features the Robert Louis Stevenson text. The violin part (included in score) provides a welcome texture and color to this concert showpiece. Historical background information and suggestions for further study are also included. Performance / Accompaniment CD available.

CGE54 - Three-part Mixed

Pat-a-Pan Noel
This fast-paced, energetic and joyful pairing of "Pat-a-Pan" and "Sing We Now of Christmas" is enhanced by both flute and percussion. Available in five voicings to meet the needs of most any ensemble, this dynamic arrangement will create a high point in your Christmas / Winter concert! Parts for Hand Drum and Flute are included in score.

Choristers Guild
CGE102 - TB
CGE103 - SSA
CGE04 - Three-part Mixed
CGE105 - Two-Part

Personent Hodie  New!
"On this day earth shall ring with the song children sing. To the child born a King, sing we alleluia!" This well-known 16th century carol text and melody is embellished in this creative setting. Alternating between Latin and English text, with piano accompaniment and optional 3-octave handbells, this sparkling arrangement is perfect as a processional or from the concert stage at your Winter Concert. A learning resource page for application of this piece to the teaching standards is included.

Choristers Guild
CGE190 - SSA
CGE191 - TB
CGE192 - SAB
CGE193 - Two-part
CGECD83 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

The Rain of Leaves
This lyrical view of the beauty of autumn as it it changes into winter features a chorus of cascading vocal lines imitating the motion of the colorful leaves as they "rain" down to the ground. Vivid word painting exudes from this original text for this piece which is appropriate for winter and December concerts as well as Contest or Festival.


Roses and Thorns (cover) Roses and Thorns
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
This beautiful text (translated from Russian by Geoffrey Dearmer and used by permission of Oxford University Press) is hauntingly set in D minor (without the 3rd for the most part) and 3/4 meter. The simplistic message of this song will linger long after the music is over. Chord symbols are given for optional guitar, and a three-octave handbell part is also included. Perfect for the Lenten season; also suitable for general use.

Choristers Guild
CGA737 - Unison / Optional Two Part

Share the Light of Hanukkah
This Hanukkah original by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram features expressive lines that are both reflective and joyful along with historically accurate lyrics. The subtle modal flavor, flowing melodies and significant message are bound to make this piece an annual favorite. Performance / Accompaniment CD available.

CGE46 - Three-part Mixed
CGE47 - Unison/Opt. Two-part

Silent Night
Ruth Elaine Schram has created an arrangement of extraordinary beauty of the beloved carol . A lush piano accompaniment and cello part add the crowning touches to this wonderful carol setting which is equally appropriate for both school and church use. Cello part included in score; Performance / Accompaniment CD available.


Underneath Starry Skies
Gorgeous word painting sets the mood for the first Christmas night: "underneath the starry skies..., shepherds are watching their flocks by night, angels are singing as they are taking flight, and all are invited to greet the new baby in a stable in Bethlehem. Tenderly tucked in the middle of this piece is the traditional Welsh carol "All Through the Night," giving the listener a taste of the familiar within this stunning original. An elegant piano accompaniment supports this memorable piece which is equally suitable for school or church settings and voiced for mixed or treble ensembles.

Choristers Guild

Ut Vitam Habeant
A gorgeous, expressive anthem based on John 10:10. The combination of Latin text and open fifths gives this piece a haunting quality, yet the lingering tonic provides an anchor: the unshakable truth that Christ is our hope and shield. The optional part for any C instrument adds the perfect countermelody to this outstanding piece. Very appropriate for the Lenten season or the Sundays following Easter.

Commissioned by Coventry Christian Schools in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, in honor of its 30th Anniversary. Text is based upon the school motto, taken from John 10:10, where Jesus says "I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly."

CGA1480 - Unison / Two-part

Watercolor Morning
The stark black and white of winter is infused with color as life blossoms anew with the lushness of springtime. Flowers bloom, the sun shines in a sky of blue; everything changes as the air warms and we bid winter goodbye on a gorgeous "watercolor morning." Beautiful melodies and harmonies grace this expressive original, an especially good choice for spring or year-end performances. For treble or mixed voices. A learning resource page is included.

Choristers Guild
CGE112 - SSA

We Stand United  New!
"We stand united for the USA. We band together gaining ground each day, sowing seeds of hope for true equality and a future rich with opportunity...." This patriotic original by Ruth Elaine Schram and Aren Newell Williams presents an important truth as we join together in our efforts and understanding of the past, present and future. It honors the cost and sacrifice of those who have gone before us while stirring our personal commitments to the values upon which our nation was built. Teaching opportunities abound, and a learning resource page is included for application of this piece to the standards. Trumpet, snare drum and optional narration may be added to enhance the performance.

Choristers Guild
CGE221 - Three-part Mixed
CGE222 - Two-part
CGECD91 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

We Will Rejoice
Ruth Elaine Schram's setting of Psalm 118 is a great way to begin your choir season this autumn! Energetic rhythm and crisp consonants set the tone for this joyful anthem. An optional second part adds a wonderful complement to the strong melody, but the song works beautifully unison, making it a perfect choice for developing choirs just beginning to learn harmony and independent singing.

Commissioned by the Louisiana District 9 Elementary Honor Choir in memory of Georgia Mannino, a beloved teacher, and based upon her favorite Psalm.

CGA1424 - Unison/two-part

The World in My Dream
Can you imagine a world without music? This sincere and inspirational original encourages all who hear it to fill the void with their own unique song, and thus fill the world with music. "What a wonderful place, filled with beauty and grace; the world in my dream!" A wonderful signature piece for end-of-year, or contest / festival!

CGE109 - Unison / Opt. Two-part
Choristers Guild
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