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Orff / Percussion

Boll Weevil
View scoreView score page 1, page 7
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This is fun! Your audience will chuckle out loud when they hear this delightful folk song about the bug that took over Texas! A singable melody, simple harmonies and humorous lyrics tell the story, and the addition of easy body percussion or choreography will make it come alive visually as well. It's a real charmer and crowd-pleaser, suitable any time of the year or as a novelty piece in your Spring concert.

Shawnee Press
E0501 - Two Part
CD0210 - Accompaniment / Performance CD

Everybody Loves Saturday Night (cover) Everybody Loves Saturday Night
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Delightful arrangement of the Nigerian folk song, sung in four languages (pronunciation guide given). Your students will learn Nigerian, Chinese, and French translations of this phrase! Optional Orff percussion is included, and an accompaniment track is available.

Shawnee Press
HT9709 - Unison / Optional Two Part

Farewell, My Friend
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 3, page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
This lovely adaptation of an African Folk Song is hauntingly beautiful and yet accessible for young singers. An optional Flute obbligato and Orff accompaniment (included in score) adds to the beauty of the piece and helps the work build throughout, only to come back to a soft climax that will leave your audience breathless. The portion from Measure 25 to the end would make a beautiful, memorable encore at the end of your concert and a fitting closer. The chorus also appears in canon, making this piece easy to learn and express.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2148H - Three Part Mixed
15/2184H - Two Part
99/1970H - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Grumble Too Much
View scoreView SATB score page 8, page 9
View scoreView TTB score page 10
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Based on the premise that women "grumble too much," this upbeat arrangement of the Jamaican Folk Song features lots of fun, back-and-forth dialogue and interplay between the men and the ladies in the SATB edition, and the higher and lower voices in the TTB edition. Several small percussion patterns are included and may be employed throughout, and portions of the accompaniment are designed to sound like steel drums, lending an authentic Island feel for an effective performance.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2112H - SATB
15/2113H - TTB

The Handshake Shake (cover) The Handshake Shake
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
Delightful, lively song by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram with multi-cultural appeal has optional percussion parts for your students to enjoy. With a hint of a Spanish feel, this bright little tune is sung in both English and Spanish (pronunciation guide is included) and has optional choreography. Upbeat message about acceptance and friendship between cultures is a perfect tool to use in today's classroom.

E0341 - Two Part

I Hear the Windmill
This fast-moving setting of the French Canadian folksong "J'entends le Moulin" is perfect for developing choirs. Optional percussion parts, English or French lyrics, and performance suggestions make this accessible work a delight to prepare and perform! Performance / Accompaniment CD available.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3106H - Three-part Mixed
15/3107H - Two-part
99/3499H - P/A CD
99/3503 - Heritage Compilation Trak 26

Jibuli, Jibuli
View scoreView score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This rhythmic Tanzanian Folk Song ("Jibuli" is Tanzanian for rabbit) is absolutely terrific for young choirs just beginning part-singing. Featuring echo passages and a descant-like section, it is extremely accessible and ensures built-in success. Optional conga parts are included in the score and add a colorful flair.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2193H - Two Part
99/1961H - Heritage Accompaniment CD #18 (Multi-song)

View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Cute, light arrangement of the Traditional folk song arranged for SAB voices with optional percussion instruments. Lots of teaching opportunities with changing meters, styles, and tempos, but lots of fun to sing (and play!).  Suitable for church or school use.   Accompaniment cassette available; percussion parts included.

Shawnee Press
GM9806 - SAB
CT9806 - Accompaniment Cassette

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