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Many other Unison and Two-Part pieces listed
under other categories are suitable for children's choirs.

See also: Church Family, with SATB works
that include a unison children's choir part.

A La Nanita Nana
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
From Ruthie's musical, "It's Christmas Everywhere," this hauntingly beautiful arrangement of the Traditional Spanish carol features the gentle feel of a lullaby and an interesting mixture of major and minor modes. Both Spanish and English lyrics are used, a pronunciation guide is included. Suitable for school or church use, available for treble or mixed choirs. Beautifully recorded accompaniment CD is available, orchestrated by Greg Gilpin.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2489H - Two Part
15/2490H - Three-part Mixed
99/2378H - P/A CD

Aaron, the Allergic Shepherd (cover) Aaron, the Allergic Shepherd
There's a new shepherd on the job in Bethlehem, but he's got a problem. He's allergic to sheep! Meanwhile, a miracle is about to happen up the street in a local stable that will change his life.

The Book/CD Combination includes everything you need to prepare and present this easy, 17-minute musical. Perfect for grades K - 4, suitable for as few as 8 children, or many more.

more info...

African Lullaby
View scoreView Two Part score page 8, page 9
The beautiful Ugandan lullaby "Mwana Wange" is accompanied by piano and optional percussion in this tender, timeless song of the nativity adapted and arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram. It paints a touching and gentle picture of the intimacy of Mary and the Christ child.  Appropriate for medium to small choirs, this piece can be used throughout the Advent and Christmas season, but is especially poignant in a Christmas Eve setting.  Available in two voicings (gentle percussion included in the score), suitable for church or school use.

Hal Leonard
08742783 - SATB
08742784 - Two Part

All My Trials
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1
The familiar African-American Spiritual has been expressively arranged in multiple voicings by Ruth Elaine Schram. It starts out in A minor with open, parallel fifths in the piano part then moves into C-major when the voices come in, and the ending just fades away, again in A minor.  Suitable for school or church use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL166 - Three Part Mixed
BL167 - Unison / Two Part

All Things (cover) All Things
Based on Philippians 4:13, this original anthem applies a powerful scripture passage to every day situations our children face, a message worthy of being remembered for life. This piece offers opportunities to teach your children's choir sustained, legato singing, while creative use of melody helps you teach ear training and intervals. An optional flute part is included and an expertly recorded accompaniment track is also available, for extra sparkle! An anthem resources package is available including a teaching plan, activity pages, visuals and much more.

This work is exclusively available from Dot Music Resources at the links in the table below.

Dot Music Resources
DMR100 - Unison, with opt. flute
(Shop now at Dot Music Resources)
DMR100AC - Accompaniment Track
(Shop now at Dot Music Resources)
DMR100RSC - Anthem Resources
(Shop now at Dot Music Resources)

All Through the Night (cover) All Through the Night
View scoreView Two Part score page 1, page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
This gorgeous arrangement of the Welsh folk song is a perfect choice for the Christmas season. Easily learned; suitable for children, youth, adults, senior adults, or ladies voices.  The SSA version of this song was a number one seller and this arrangement was adapted for use in the HBO television series, "The Sopranos".

Also available in the "Rise Up and Sing!" SSA concert collection.

11303 - Two-Part (Level Two)
11302 - SSA (Level Three)
22943 - SSA collection
22944 - collection SoundTrax CD

Alleluia Cantate
Suitable as a call to worship or anthem during the service, this joyous celebration of music is partly set as a round, making it easy to learn with minimal preparation while sounding deceptively difficult.

For free MP3 part-by-part rehearsal aids and accompaniments, go to

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL695 - Two-part

Alleluia We Sing
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
A touch of syncopation and a lively keyboard part give this "Alleluia" a fine vigor and energy. As a pure expression of the joy of singing, this selection will be very appealing to a young mixed choir or treble group.

Carl Fischer
CM8737 - Three Part Mixed
CM8738 - Two Part

Alleluia, Praise His Name
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SAB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
This beautiful, enduring praise anthem will be a favorite of your choir and congregation! The simplicity of the text is underscored by fluid accompaniment. Scored for SAB with a fourth part cued in the bass clef to easily adapt it for SATB choirs.

Shawnee Press
D-5437 - SAB or SATB
E-5299 - Two Part Treble
MD5320 - Accompaniment / Performance CD

America the Beautiful (cover) America the Beautiful
View scoreView SAT(B) score page 1
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
The classic patriotic piece has been arranged for unison / two part voices by Ruth Elaine Schram for church or school use.  Perfect for July 4 weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, and other Sundays when we observe national holidays.  Also available for SAT(B).

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL276 - SAT(B)
BL277 - Unison / Two Part
BLCD00T3 or BLCD00T4 - Accompaniment CD

Angels Watching Over Me
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
Equally suitable for church or school use, this delightful melding of three spirituals allows opportunities for young, developing choirs to create beautiful tone quality while preparing for an artistic performance. The comforting message of guardian angels watching over us begins with "All Night, All Day," then glides into "In the morning, when I rise ..." and concludes with "Every night when the sun goes in ... Angels watching over me...." For mixed or treble voices.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2548H - Three-part Mixed
15/2562H - Two-part
99/2418H - P/A CD

Bleak Midwinter's Silent Night
View scoreView score page 4, page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Joining two respected carols into a touching tapestry of praise, this beautiful partner treatment of two loved melodies is a creative selection for the holidays. A part of the "Worship Songs Jr." series, this piece is suitable for church or school use. Optional Flute part is included in the score and adds a wistful touch.

Shawnee Press
E5296 - Two Part Treble
MD5219 - Jubilation 2005 Accompaniment / Performance CD

Blessed Assurance
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 6
"Blessed Assurance" (incorporating the beloved hymn by Fanny Crosby and Phoebe Knapp) is a joyous proclamation of God's faithfulness and our trust in His provision for our salvation.  The gospel feel gives the song its lilt that is fun to sing and hear.   Suitable for use any time during the church year, and written in two part treble voicing, it is accessible for mixed choirs (suggestions for voicings are given), treble voices, senior adults, youth, women's or men's choirs.  Ranges are moderate and much of the song is in unison, unison with descant or countermelody.  There is minimal part writing, so it can be easily and quickly prepared when rehearsal time is limited.

Hal Leonard
08741846 - Two Part

Brighter Than Snow
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This exquisite setting of Psalm 51 which captures a new adaptation of that familiar passage works equally well for children's choir, women's voices, or mixed voices.  "Wash me and I'll be brighter than snow..."

0-8006-7634-3 - Two Part Any Combination

Candlelight Christmas Garden (cover) Candlelight Christmas Garden
A Christmas musical play for unison or two-part voices

more info...

The Case of the Reluctant Innkeeper (cover) The Case of the Reluctant Innkeeper
Bethlehem court is in session with the Honorable Judge Jody Justice presiding! It's the People vs. a certain "reluctant" innkeeper ... reluctant to give a certain young couple a room for the night, that is. Sam Shepherd is the prosecuting attorney who's out to get to the bottom of this case by calling key animal witnesses to the stand. Eventually it is revealed that the greatest miracle of all happened the night before, and God can always turn things around for good!

Perfect for grades K - 4, this 20 minute, easy to prepare and present musical by Mark Cabaniss and Ruth Elaine Schram, orchestrated by John DeVries, can be performed with as few as eight children or many more. The verdict is in ... "The Case of the Reluctant Innkeeper" will delight and inspire your church and community with the joyous message of Christmas!

more info...

Children, Go Where I Send Thee
View scoreView score page 1, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Imaginative arrangement of the traditional favorite. This bright, crisp setting is very easy to sing yet sounds impressive when sung by even the youngest of choirs. Suitable for church or school use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM04010 - SATB
SV98135 - Two Part

Christmas With the Angels
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Cleverly combining two Christmas Spirituals, Chatter With the Angels and Mary Had a Baby, with the beloved carol He Is Born, the result is a darling offering to the Christ Child for children's or youth choirs. The use of optional chimes or finger cymbals creates a wonderful, shimmering effect and adds to the simplicity and charm of this anthem. Orchestrated by Tim Hayden, a delightful Accompaniment CD is also available.

27870 - Two Part Any Combination
27871 - Instru Trax Accompaniment CD

Come Thou Fount
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen
"Come Thou Fount" is one of the great songs of sacred literature. The soaring melody and expressive texts are powerfully set by Ruth Elaine Schram, capturing the strength and beauty of this exceptional work. Suitable for church or school use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL337 - Unis / Two Part
BLCD00T6 - Accompaniment CD

Come to Earth, O Tiny King
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Written in the style of the holiday favorite "Dance of the Reed Flutes" from "The Nutcracker Suite," this celebration in song is fun for kids of all ages! Combine your singers with 8 bells or chimes and hear the sounds of the Christmas season come alive! Sung in unison or in 2 easy (equal) parts, this selection for young voices is superbly constructed to teach important singing skills (such as pitch-matching) in an enjoyable way. Delightful, sparkling accompaniment track orchestrated by Tim Hayden is available as well to make your presentation delightful for all.

29285 - Unison / Two Part
29286 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Come With Thanksgiving
Simple, yet stately, this anthem based on Psalm 100 works perfectly for any service of thanksgiving or praise. A straightforward piano accompaniment nicely blends with the vocal parts and offers excellent melodic support throughout the piece. Unison/2-Part Treble with Piano Accompaniment; Accompaniment CD available on the "Celebration Trax" 2013-2014 CD.

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
HL 35028766 - Unison / Two Part
HL 35028756 - Accompaniment Track (Compilation)

Dona Nobis Pacem / Miserere Nobis
View scoreView score page 1, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Although written for contest and festival use, this octavo contains two a cappella settings of Latin texts which are equally at home in a liturgical setting. Elegant in their polyphonic texture and in the expression of two different emotions, they may be used separately or together.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL344 - Two Part a cappella

Dry Bones
View scoreView score page 3, page 8
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
The well-known spiritual has been arranged for voices of all ages, with the familiar ascending chromatic key changes in the first section and the descending modulations in the latter section.  Optional guitar, bass and drum parts are included in the score; suitable for church or school use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01023 - Three Part Mixed
SVM01024 - Two Part

El Rorro
In this attractive arrangement, Ruth Elaine Schram gives a lovely but lesser-known Mexican lullaby a tender treatment for treble voices. Delightfully simple to sing and featuring delicate dynamic changes, this carol that is appropriate for both school and church settings includes performance options for the original Spanish text, Ruthie's English translation, or a combination of the two. A pronunciation guide for the Spanish lyrics is included.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2872H - SSA
15/2877H - Two-part
99/2926H - Performance / Accomp. CD

Faith Hall of Fame (cover) Faith Hall of Fame
Versatile non-seasonal musical for children based on Old Testament Heroes.

more info...

For the Beauty of the Earth
View scoreView SATB score page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
The text of the classic Hymn tune is set to beautiful new music by Ruth Elaine Schram.   Arranged for multiple voicings, suitable for church or school use.  Would be particularly meaningful sung by children in the Springtime.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL285 - SSA
BL286 - Unison / Optional Two Part
BL301 - SATB
BLCD00T3 or BLCD00T4 - Accompaniment CD

For Who You Are
Written for older elementary or middle school treble choirs, this anthem for Mother's Day or Father's Day expresses gratitude for the blessing of parents – from the perspective of a child. Repetitive sections and melodic phrases allow singers to learn the piece quickly. For choirs of two part singers, the anthem's ending includes an optional second vocal part that creates a lovely duet with the expressive melody.

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
HL 35028263 - 2-Part Treble
HL 35028264 - Celebration Trax A/P CD

Gather Round and Sing (cover) Gather Round and Sing
Collection of six rounds for Two Part and Three part Children's Choirs. Spanning the entire church year and covering a broad range of general and seasonal applications including Advent, Baptism, Child or Family Dedication, Christ the King Sunday, Christmas, Eastertide, Lent, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Children's Day, Spring, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day.

29231 - Songbook
29232 - Book / CD Combination
29233 - Accompaniment CD

Gifts At the Manger
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Charming offering blends the beloved carol Away In a Manger with The Friendly Beasts in a delightful work for Unison or Two Part choirs. Children and adults alike will enjoy singing this arrangement by Ruthie Schram. Particularly sweet for children on Christmas Eve. An optional narration quoting scripture is the perfect lead-in to set a worshipful mood.

26480 - Unison / Two Part

Giving Thanks
Dancing gently in 3/4 meter, this anthem of thanksgiving reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes from God. Melodic repetition and a recurring refrain make the piece easy to learn and sing.

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
HL 35028254 - Unison / Opt. 2-Part Treble
35028264 - Celebration Trax A/P CD

Gloria and Alleluia
View scoreView score page 1, page 6
Set of two a cappella songs for young voices, perfect for contests, festivals and concerts. Gloria is up tempo and rhythmic, set in F major. The Alleluia is legato and melodic, set in D minor, and has two endings to choose from to suit your group.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL158 - Two Part, a cappella

Glory Land Hallelu
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This energetic medley combines two traditional choruses, "Praise Ye the Lord, Hallelujah," and "Do Lord," sprinkled with references to Handel's "Hallelujah" Chorus! Lively choral call-and-response makes this the ideal piece for teaching choirs to part-sing, and its flexible voicing is great for both treble and mixed choirs of all ages. Speech chorus and stomps and claps add to the toe-tapping fun! Tim Hayden's delightfully orchestrated CD accompaniment track is available.

00-24382 - Two Part any combination (Level Two)
00-24383 - InstruTrax CD

God's Big Family
In "God's Big Family," celebrated composer Ruth Elaine Schram has crafted a great resource for today's Christian children's choirs. Its six easy unison anthems are both fun and fun to sing and include optional second voice parts written in easy-to-teach formats such as echo, call and response, and partner song. With texts that serve the entire church year, each piece in this collection features a supportive and playable keyboard accompaniment.

Songs are included for Advent, Christmas, Easter, Family Emphasis, and General use. There are also optional parts for small percussion and body percussion that reinforce rhythmic acuity, and optional body motions and sign language provide beautiful visual appeal while developing gross motor skills. The corresponding reproducible narrations make these anthems perfect for worship, Sunday School and Christian School programs, and special fellowship events. The collection includes reproducible song sheets and (if purchased in this format) a Performance/Accompaniment CD delightfully orchestrated by Tim Hayden.

30/2716L - Book/CD Combination
30/2726L - Songbook (only)

Good News!
Two delightfully uplifting spirituals, "Good News" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" are partnered in this swing-style, upbeat arrangement for Two-Part Any Combination voices (suggestions given for mixed voices). Expertly crafted for beginning part singers or small, volunteer choirs, it opens with one spiritual, introduces the second, then partners them in the final section. Equally useful in a school or church setting, "Good News!" is a toe tapping, fun choice for both concerts and worship services.

10/3882L - Two-part Any Combination
99/2521L - P/A CD

Guide My Wayfaring Feet
In this inventive arrangement, Ruth Elaine Schram has paired the spirituals "Wayfaring Stranger" and "Guide My Feet." Each haunting melody flows seamlessly throughout the expressive vocals and accompaniment, and flexible voicing options allow for SATB, SAB, or Two-part choirs to perform this creative selection at any time of the year.

10/4066L - SATB or SAB
10/4067L - Two-part Any Combination

Hallelu!  He Lives! (cover) Hallelu! He Lives!
This highly accessible 8 minute mini-musical for unison / two-part children's choir tells the story of the final week of Jesus' life from Palm Sunday through Easter. (Anthems may also be done separately during Holy Week.) Weaving traditional melodies with original melodic material, and providing charming narration in verse form, Ruth Elaine Schram has created a lovely work well suited to the abilities of children, yet rich in meaning for all who hear. Parts for flute, two clarinets, cello, handbells, piano and percussion are available separately for live orchestra, in addition to the Accompaniment CD. Titles include "Joy on That Day," suitable for Palm Sunday, "Table of Love" for Communion / Maundy Thursday, and "Hallelu! He Lives!" for Easter Sunday.

more info...

He Is Born
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This lovely Ruth Elaine Schram setting of the French carol exudes the beauty of the Christmas season. Sensibly and accessibly scored for Two-part voices, piano and optional flute (included), the natural joy of the text will come shining through.

0-8006-3807-7 - Two Part

Hear the Children Sing "Hosanna!"
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This stately and joyous anthem is an inviting and practical consideration to usher in Holy Week. It is quickly learned by Unison Children's Choirs and adult choirs alike. The optional repeat makes it ideal for Palm Sunday processionals.

Exaltaion (Lorenz)
10/3541L - SATB with Unison Children

Hodie / Kyrie
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1, page 2, page 3
This versatile piece has dual text; Hodie for seasonal use, and Kyrie for general. The melody was written by Brian Busch and Ruth Elaine Schram, and is arranged in three part mixed or two part voicings. Suitable for church or school use, with moderate ranges and difficulty levels for each voicing.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL168 - Three Part Mixed
BL169 - Two Part

The Holly and the Ivy
Combined with an additional original melody, Ruthie Schram offers this simply joyful and supremely easy art-song setting of the familiar carol for treble voices. Optional Flute part included in score is the perfect complement to this Partner song.

For free MP3 part-by-part Rehearsal and Accompaniment MP3, follow the link below to the Carl Fischer web site.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL661 - Unison / Two Part

Hymn of Thanks
Gentle setting of Psalm 100 by Linda Walker and Ruth Elaine Schram is set in minor mode with optional Flute or other C-instrument, and flows with simplistic beauty. The mood created with the use of the minor key is unique and refreshing. Set for Three Part voices in any combination; works beautifully for mixed voices, ladies' voices or advanced children's choirs. Originally published by Shawnee Press.

Dot Music Resources offers the anthem as well as an anthem resources package which includes a teaching plan, activity pages, visuals and much more. (Available at the links in the table below.)

Shawnee Press
D-5441 - Three Part Any Combination
(Shop now at Dot Music Resources)
D-5441RSC - Anthem Resources
(Shop now at Dot Music Resources)

I Was Glad: Psalm 122
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Here is a wonderful addition to the repertoire for children, youth, or women's choir.  This piece offers an infectious rhythm, memorable tune, and easy Two Part writing.  Though this text is often associated with Advent, this joyful piece would work well for any Sunday.

0-8006-7665-3 - Two Part

I Will Serve You
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Commissioned by the Chancel Choir of First United Methodist Church, Anniston, Alabama, in honor of James Roberts' 25 years as organist, this lovely anthem incorporates his favorite hymn, "For the Beauty of the Earth" by Folliot S. Pierpoint and Conrad Kocher. Unison children begin by stating this hymn text and melody, then later this works in partnership with the original material sung by adults, "... Lord of all, Creator of all things; Lord of life, Lord of Lords and King of Kings; Lord of all, this prayer to You we raise: that our life may be a hymn of grateful praise..." Suitable any time of the year.

Laurel Press (Lorenz)
10/3425LA - SATB with Unison children

In the Christmas Spirit
View scoreView SATB score page 4, page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB sacred text)
Incorporating the spirituals "Mary Had a Baby," "The Angel Band," "I'm Gonna Sing," and "Go, Tell It On the Mountain," Ruth Elaine Schram has tied them together with original words and music for a fun, upbeat medley. This bright swing-style piece will be a unique change of pace for the holidays. Suitable for church or school use (with alternate text included), available in multiple voicings.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
SVM05015 - SATB
SVM05016 - Three Part Mixed
SVM05017 - Two Part
SVM05015CD - Accompaniment / Performance CD

The Incredible Adam Angel
Remember what it was like to be a child and have your imagination run wild; to imagine all of the wonderful places you could go and all of the exciting things you could see? Well, geeky scientist, Adam Angel, is a dreamer, and with just that kind of imagination, every single day he dreams of adventure and fame, fancying himself as everything from an archaeologist to a race car driver. He has lost the true meaning of Christmas, and doesn't find it until he dreams of being the angel that announces the birth of Jesus!

This delightful children's musical, from creators Mark Cabaniss and Ruthie Schram, will take you on Adam's journey as he becomes that angel. It is filled with wonderful new music and traditional carols. The message is clear, during the Christmas season and all through the year, we are ALL incredible in God's eyes!

Easily prepared and presented, this 19-minute reproducible musical will take your young singers (and your congregation) on a unique and entertaining trip to the heart of Christmas. Perfectly suited for grades K - 4.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689482175 - Directors Resource Kit
080689856228 - Listening CD
080689482175M - Accompaniment CD
080689782725 - Bulk CD (10 pak)
080689579363 - CD Preview Pack

Infant Holy
Ruth Elaine Schram has created a gorgeous melding of the beloved carols "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" and "Silent Night" in a gentle arrangement that is equally suited for both church and school use. A gentle, worshipful contrast, it will bring moments of beauty and reflection to any seasonal worship service. Available for SATB, SSA, or Two-part Choirs.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2789H - SATB
15/2790H - SSA
15/2791H - Two-part
99/2774H - Performance/Accompaniment CD

It's Christmas Everywhere (cover) It's Christmas Everywhere
This multicultural delight is an around-the-world celebration of Christmas, exploring carols and traditions from Germany, Japan, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and Spain.

A marvelous budget-stretcher, this book includes vocal/piano scores, reproducible vocal parts, narrations, and a Performance/Accompaniment CD. Approximately 25-30 minutes in length, it is equally suitable for school or church use.

more info...

Joseph's Song (God Was In Control)
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This delightfully amusing recount of the life of the Old Testament prophet, Joseph, is set to the familiar "Yankee Doodle" tune, making this easy to learn for your young singers. From his coat of many colors to his seat on the court of the Pharaoh, this charming, witty children's anthem by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram is ideal for worship, chapel, or Sunday School throughout the year. Sung in unison or in two easy parts, with optional Readings to give background information on this wonderful Bible story, this is sure to be an instant favorite. Fun, sparkling track by Tim Hayden is the perfect accompaniment choice.

29282 - Unison / Two Part
29283 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Joy to the Whole World
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Winning mixture of "Joy to the World" and "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands," suitable for church or school use. The song starts off in 4/4 with a bit of a swing, but for the third verse ("He's got the tiny baby...") it slows to 3/4 and goes to even eighths, while the accompaniment plays portions of "Brahm's Lullaby" and "Rock-a-bye Baby." The tempo picks back up for the fourth verse and a strong ending. The accompaniment CD is orchestrated by Steve Herold.

19136 - Unison / Two Part (Level One)
19137 - Accompaniment CD

Kum Ba Yah (published by BriLee)
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
The beloved campfire song has been artfully arranged for Unison / Optional Two Part voices.  The familiar melody has been given beautiful fresh harmonies that a new generation will cherish.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL452 - Unison / Opt. Two Part
BLCD0T12 - Accompaniment CD

The Last Noel (cover) The Last Noel
The baby Jesus is born in the last place on earth you'd expect to find God's son - behind the last stable door on the left at the Last Resort Inn! This delightful Christmas story is told from the animals' point of view. All of the animal characters - Donkey Jody, Cowsandra and Cowdy, Shiloh and Woolian Sheep and Camel Lot soon realize that despite their humble status, God has a very special place for them in Bethlehem at the Last Resort Inn!

Suitable for Grades K-6, perfect for Sunday School programs or as a Church School Christmas musical. Approximately 20 minutes in length; easy to prepare with familiar melodies. Delightfully orchestrated by Tim Hayden.

more info...

The Legend of the Christmas King (cover) The Legend of the Christmas King
Journey with the "Fourth Wise Man" Artiban (Artie, for short) to Bethlehem as he goes in search of the Newborn King of kings. Along the way, Artie is joined by Mortimer the Angel who helps him on his quest. During their journey, Artie and Mortimer meet some people in need, and Artie misses the birth of Jesus. Yet, he learns some important Biblical truths along the way.

Perfect for grades 1-6, this charming musical play contains delightful, easy-to-prepare songs and dialogue. Story by Dennis Scott, songs written and arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram, orchestrated by John DeVries, lesson plans by Christi Cary Miller.

more info...

Listen to the Lambs
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
Unique Christmas song, capturing the naivete of gentle, simple lambs who recognize the voice of God in a baby's cry; who see not an infant, but their creator lying in the manger.  Portions of "Away in a Manger" are woven throughout to enhance the innocence of this child-like faith.  The lines sung by "the lambs" are designed to be performed by a children's choir, but would also be effective sung by a small ensemble, child or adult soloist, or a few sopranos.

Hal Leonard
08742842 - SATB with Unison Children

Little Children, Wake and Listen
This traditional French carol begins with the proclamation of "Noel" and is followed by elegant unison and 2 part writing. A lilting piano accompaniment supports the voices, and the shimmer of optional bells is sprinkled throughout. A gorgeous selection for the holidays, suitable for church or school use.

Accompaniment CD available on the Piano Trax Compilation CD for 2013.

Shawnee Press
HL 35028771 - Two-Part / Piano with Opt. Bells
HL 35028580 - Accompaniment CD (Compilation)

Little Eyes are Watching You
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This gentle yet powerful anthem is useful throughout the church year, especially for baptism, child or family dedication, Mother's or Father's Day, teacher ordination and stewardship. Based on Ephesians 5:1-2, a narrator begins (optionally) by quoting "Be imitators of God, as dearly loved children, and life a life of love." Then the children begin by singing "Little eyes are watching you. Be imitators of God." Then the adults come in: "Little eyes are watching me, watching everything I do. Little imitators, watching; Lord, help me be like You..." Very effective.

21579 - SATB/Children (Level Three)
21580 - Two Part Mix/Children (Level Two)

Little Innocent Lamb
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Both youth and adults will ask for this anthem! The traditional spiritual Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Innocent Lamb has been arranged for Unison and Two Part choirs. Easy to learn and to easy to teach, this offering is a great piece to introduce the traditional spiritual style, or just a treat for your singers! The text has been updated by the arranger to make it less confusing and more applicable to today's choirs.

Shawnee Press
E5525 - Two Part Treble
MD5545 - LiteTrax CD

Lord of the Stars
A rich, soulful melody enhances the air of mystery and wonder in this expressive anthem for Advent. Written in a minor key, the piece prayerfully asks, "When will You come to us?" The well-crafted piece also incorporates the beloved hymn, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" that heightens the sense of yearning for the coming of the Messiah.

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
HL 35028257 - Unison / Opt. 2-Part Treble
35028264 - Celebration Trax A/P CD

Love One Another
MP3 audioClick here to listen
The universal theme of love and charity fill this piece with purpose and excellent worship potential. Drawing from the words of the Savior, Ruthie has crafted a piece that incorporates a full range of music ministry resources into a touching statement. Use the instrumentation and handbell parts to create a truly singular piece for your entire music program. Voiced for SATB adults, SAB youth, Two Part children, piano, hand bells, and flute. Commissioned in honor of Louise Angermeier upon her retirement as Director of Music from Clarkston United Methodist Church, Clarkston, Michigan and based upon her favorite passage of scripture.

Shawnee Press
A7927 - SATB Adult / SAB Youth / Two Part

Lullaby On the Wind
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
In the hushed silence of Bethlehem we are drawn to a simple stable by the lullaby of a new mother mingled with sounds of a baby's soft cry. This tender moment is beautifully depicted with original music incorporating portions of Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr's "Silent Night" in a tender lullaby that will leave your audience breathless. Sensitive and artistically done. Add wind chimes (each time "Silent Night" is introduced) for an unforgettable effect!

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3036H - SATB / Piano
15/1763H - Three Part Mixed / Piano
15/1764H - Two Part / Piano
99/1749H - Heritage Accompaniment CD #15 (Multi-song)

Lullay Alleluia
View scoreView SSA score page 6, page 7, page 8
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This gorgeous melding of two beloved carol tunes, "Lullay My Liking" and "The Coventry Carol," features an original text and provides a beautiful and worshipful Christmas lullaby for treble or ladies voices. Artful dynamics rise and fall with the melodic lines, then crescendo to a joyful alleluia. The cello obbligato truly enhances this stunning setting. Available for Two Part or SSA voices; Accompaniment CD available. Suitable for church or school use. This anthem also appears in the SSA collection Six Anthems for Women's Voices and would make a lovely trio or small ensemble piece.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2627H - SATB, with opt. Cello
15/2386H - Two Part, with opt. Cello
15/2418H - SSA, with opt. Cello
45/1158L - SSA Collection
99/2257H - Performance / Accompaniment CD

View scoreView score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Ruth Elaine Schram has written a setting of the Magnificat that brings to life this beautiful text for children and young singers that also works well with adults.  Written with a clear understanding of the developing voice, this memorable tune will be a favorite of any age group.  Lovely flute part is included in the score.

0-8006-7668-8 - Two Part Any Combination

Miracle at Midnight (cover) Miracle at Midnight
A fun 30 minute Christmas musical play for children.

more info...

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
View scoreView SATB score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
This well-known spiritual comes to new life in this exquisite arrangement by Ruth Elaine Schram.  The harmonies are sonorous and warm, beautifully supporting the melody.  The syncopation gently propels the work through each phrase, ending softly on "Nobody knows my sorrow."  An aesthetic experience awaits your ensemble in this incredible arrangement.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL415 - SATB (limited range)
BL416 - Three Part Mixed
BL417 - Unison / Opt. Two Part
BLCD0T10 or BLCD0T12 - Accompaniment CD

Now All the Vault of Heaven Resounds
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
A festive setting of the tune Lasst uns erfreuen. Not for children only, this would be a lovely addition to Easter or post-Easter worship sung by a girls or women's choir. Optional Flute part included in score.

978-0-8006-7838-8 - Two Part with Optional Flute

Of the Father's Love Begotten
View scoreView SSA score page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
The beautiful, legato, 13th century plainsong melody arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram may be performed accompanied or a cappella.  There is no meter signature for this chant-like work; this among many other elements are opportunities for developing expression and phrasing.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL312 - SSA
BL313 - Unison / Opt. Two Part
BLCD00T3 or BLCD00T4 - Accompaniment CD

On This Holy Night
View scoreView score page 6
This song incorporates "The Coventry Carol" which works in partnership with original words and music to depict the arrival of God's Son to earth on that holy night.   Set in gentle 3/4 time as two part any combination, it may be sung by children's voices, mixed adult voices, senior adults, or youth ensembles.

Hal Leonard
08742786 - Two Part

Once Upon a Starry Night (cover) Once Upon a Starry Night
A delightful Christmas musical for children by John Jacobson and Ruth Elaine Schram. Tells the story of the Savior's birth from the stars' point of view!

more info...

Palm Sunday Processional
"Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord." This celebratory strain comes to life in this anthem that is perfect for Palm Sunday worship. Endless possibilities abound with this arrangement for three-part any combination of voices that is easily learned for processional use. The optional handbell parts are accessible and will add to the festive spirit of this piece.

10/3974L - Three Part Any Combination

Partner Songs for the Whole Year Long (cover) Partner Songs for the Whole Year Long
Original and traditional songs in combination for teaching part singing for elementary age children.

more info...

Peace Like a River
View scoreView score page 1, page 4, page 5
Traditional African-American Spiritual is set for unison or two part voices with flowing piano accompaniment. Expressive arrangement begins in 4/4, then goes into 3/4 as the text changes to "love is flowing," then back into an energetic 4/4 section for "joy like a fountain," then ends up as it began. Suitable for church or school use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL175 - Unison / opt. Two Part

The REAL Christmas Story
This could quite possibly be the definitive Christmas Musical for young children! Straight from the Luke 2 passage of the Bible, The REAL Christmas Story becomes the script for this adorable preschool musical, created by Ruth Elaine Schram. Due to an unannounced snowstorm, the grandchildren and their parents are unable to fly to Florida to be with their grandparents for Christmas. With the capability to visit via video chats, the grandparents carry on the family tradition of reading the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus to the grandchildren on Christmas Eve. As each scene of "the Story" of peace, joy, hope and love is read, the children respond with five wonderful songs that are perfectly designed for preschoolers, both in content and musicality. Familiar carols and original songs are upbeat, fun, beautiful and sincere in this 15-minute presentation. Whether presented with the contemporary script of this musical, or with your traditional nativity enactment, these songs and music are sure to be a resource to be used year after year.

The accompaniment CD includes both Stereo and Split-Track formats. Downloadable versions of all products are also available from Lillenas Music online at:

9780834181229 - Book / Script
765762156227 - Kids Practice CDs (pack of 10)
765762193901 - Performance Pack (3 Books & Accomp. CD)
765762156326 - Stereo & Split-Trax Accomp CD

Roses and Thorns (cover) Roses and Thorns
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
This beautiful text (translated from Russian by Geoffrey Dearmer and used by permission of Oxford University Press) is hauntingly set in D minor (without the 3rd for the most part) and 3/4 meter. The simplistic message of this song will linger long after the music is over. Chord symbols are given for optional guitar, and a three-octave handbell part is also included. Perfect for the Lenten season; also suitable for general use.

Choristers Guild
CGA737 - Unison / Optional Two Part

Scandinavian Yuletide
Festive Partner-song arrangement of the Swedish carol "Yuletide is Here Again" and the Danish carol "A Child is Born in Bethlehem" is a nice, joyful change of pace for your young singers during the Christmas season. Set in bright triple meter, the two songs are introduced individually then combine effortlessly to celebrate the birth of the Savior. Free MP3 rehearsal and accompaniments are available by download from the publisher at

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL617 - Two Part

Scripture Songs
Part of the new "Created for Praise" series, "Scripture Songs" offers a great way to teach the Bible to young children, offering twelve delightful traditional children's tunes with new lyrics adapted from scripture. Easy to teach and fun to sing, each title is arranged by Ruthie Schram for unison voices and keyboard with opportunities for beginning two-part singing. Great for children's choir, Sunday School, Christian school, Vacation Bible School, or church camps, this collection features reproducible lyric/activity pages. As an added bonus, Tim Hayden has created an exciting orchestrated CD track.

30/2479L - Book/CD Combination

Seeds to Grow On (cover) Seeds to Grow On
Twelve Seasonal Songs for Young Singers, including songs for Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent / Holy Week, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, Baptism, Christian Family, and general use.

more info...

Seeds to Grow On Too! (cover) Seeds to Grow On Too!
This collection (a follow-up to the popular Seeds to Grow On) will help you guide your children's choir through the entire church year.

more info...

Seek First the Kingdom
View scoreView score page 1, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
A musical admonition to seek first the Kingdom of God (based on Matthew 6:31-34 ) and not worry about our worldly needs. This work gently reminds us that God knows our every need and has promised that He provides. A memorable melody and lyrical, flowing accompaniment make this anthem guaranteed to please. Optional children's choir may be used to reinforce the child-like faith that God desires from us.

Shawnee Press
A7610 - SATB with optional children

Shalom Aleichem (May Peace Be With You)
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This is an easy partner song by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram, based on a Hebrew phrase with a very positive message for your singers and congregation. The words and melody are easy to remember and work as a canon, providing opportunities to teach about rounds, repeats, and the language of the Old Testament.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL461 - Two Part
BLCD0T15 - Accompaniment CD

Shine For You
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Hear the stars tell the Christmas story from their point of view!  "...I see the wise men bringing incense and gold to you. Traveling from afar, searching the skies for a star! I will shine for you, if it's all I can do, I will shine for the child of Christmas!..."  Delightful selection for your winter concert, suitable for school or church use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01039 - SATB
SVM01041 - Two Part
SVM01039CD - Accompaniment CD

Simple Gifts
View scoreView Two Part score page 8, page 9
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
The 18th century Shaker hymn tune has been artfully arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram for multiple voicings.  Use of unison and echo singing, in conjunction with beautiful harmonies make this piece easy to learn but lush to the ear.  Optional flute part is included in the score.  Equally suitable for church or school use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01028 - SATB
SVM01031 - SSA
SVM01032 - TBB
SVM01029 - Three Part Mixed
SVM01030 - Two Part

Simply Carols
In this collection of twelve beloved carols, Ruth Elaine Schram has arranged six unison or two-part songs that celebrate the musical traditions of France, England, Ireland, Wales, Germany, and the United States. It boasts supportive piano accompaniments, reproducible song sheets, and an optional fully orchestrated CD recording (orchestrated by Tim Hayden). As an added bonus, reproducible narrations that give historical detail may be printed in your bulletin or added to the program to introduce each carol and create a special program. "Simply Carols" is an outstanding resource for children's and youth choirs, as well as small adult and senior choirs. Suitable for Church, Sunday School programs, or School.

30/2605L - Songbook and P/A CD
30/2606L - Songbook only

Simply Spirituals (cover) Simply Spirituals
Six easy Unison or Two Part Spirituals with reproducible song sheets arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram. Second in the "Simple Songs of Faith" series with young singers and developing choirs in mind.

30/2430L - Unison / Two Part Book
99/2451L - Accompaniment CD
30/2431L - Book / Accompaniment CD Combination

Sing a Song of Seasons (cover) Sing a Song of Seasons
Teach your children the fullness of God's love through His gift of seasons, family and fun! Each of the six songs in this collection stands alone and can be used at various times throughout the church year, or use the rhyming narrative to connect the songs for a 25-minute "mini-musical."

more info...

Sing Allelu
With one text for Christmas and another for Easter, Ruthie Schram's "Sing Allelu" is a versatile, celebratory anthem. Great for singers of all ages, it is flexibly voiced for Unison / Two part voices with optional Handbells for three octaves. The text is meaningful and the melody memorable throughout. The joyful mood can be supplemented with the use of the optional handbells or handchimes (included in score; also available as a free download from the publisher) which fits wonderfully with the flowing keyboard accompaniment.

10/4037L - Unison / Two-part / opt. Handbells

Sing Along with Sacred Songs (cover) Sing Along with Sacred Songs
From Abednego to the Wise Men, the Bible's many appealing--and instructive--characters are the centerpiece of this collection of delightful songs by Ruthie Schram. All of the songs, a mix of familiar favorites and originals, are very easy to sing. Accompanying body motions are suggested too, adding another layer to the fun.

Great for Sunday school, Christian school, children's worship, children's choir, vacation Bible school, and church camp, this collection also features reproducible lyric/activity pages.

The CD includes accompaniment tracks that facilitate rehearsal or performance in a choral setting along with performance recordings that are perfect for modeling and create an irresistible invitation for children to join along in song.

more info...

Sing and Celebrate 2!
This followup to the highly popular "Sing and Celebrate!" collection (35028238) provides everything you need for developing younger elementary choirs in your church! Designed for grades K-4, "Sing and Celebrate 2!" contains a variety of general and seasonal songs for use throughout the church year. Packed with lesson plans, teaching resources, and rehearsal planning ideas, this collection gives you all the tools necessary for building a successful, engaging choir program in one economical Book/CD combination.

The enhanced StudioTrax CD features accompaniment and performance tracks, along with reproducible singers' pages and colorful PDF song charts for projection options. Songs, both familiar and new, along with fun, creative teaching plans will nurture the musical and spiritual growth of your singers to last a lifetime.

Songs include: Jesus Loves Even Me (General), Meditation (General), Zacchaeus (General), God Is Always with Me (General), A Thanksgiving Song (Thanksgiving), We Need a Savior (Advent), Ring Out the Bells (Christmas), How Far Is It to Bethlehem? (Christmas), Hosanna In the Highest (Palm Sunday), Jesus Is Alive! (Easter).

Shawnee Press
HL 35028755 - Book/CD Combination

Sing and Celebrate!
Designed for younger elementary choirs, "Sing and Celebrate!" contains a variety of general and seasonal songs for use throughout the church year by composers Ruth Elaine Schram, Joseph M. Martin, Cindy Berry, and Jeff Reeves.

Packed with lesson plans, teaching resources, and rehearsal planning ideas, this collection gives you all the tools necessary for building a successful, engaging choir program in one value packed Book/CD combination. The enhanced StudioTrax CD features accompaniment and performance tracks, along with reproducible singers' pages and colorful PDF song charts for projection options.

Unison songs both familiar and new; suggested for grades K-4.

GlorySound (Hal Leonard)
HL 35028238 - Book/CD Combination

Sing We All Noel
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
This fun, upbeat pairing of two African folk songs (from Ruthie's collection, "It's Christmas Everywhere") is a dynamite choice for your choir of any age during the Christmas holidays. Two sets of lyrics are included, making this perfectly suitable for church or school use. Employing a variety of percussion adds to the fun, and specific suggestions and ideas for use are provided. For mixed or treble voices; delightful accompaniment CD orchestrated by Greg Gilpin. Three-part Mixed / SAB version works with E - C range or F - D range for guys.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2981H - SATB / Piano / Percussion
15/2488H - Three-part Mixed / SAB
15/2487H - Two-part
99/2377H - P/A CD

Sing We All Noel
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Two Part Mixed)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
This joyful medley combines two carol favorites, "Sing We Now of Christmas" and "The First Noel," flexibly arranged for Unison or Two Part voices of all ages. A great choice for children's choirs on Christmas Eve, or for a quickly prepared adult anthem for the busy holidays or the Sunday after Christmas. Optional flute, triangle, and snare drum parts (included in score) add the crowning touch for Christmas worship or concerts! A CD track is also available.

00-24392 - Unison / Opt. Two Part (Level One)
00-24393 - InstruTrax CD

Sing We Two of Christmas
Compiled by Jean Anne Shafferman, this collection of Seasonal songs for Two Equal voices includes Ruthie Schram's beautiful arrangement of "A La Nanita Nana." These flexible duets are a great resource for holiday concert or Advent / Christmas worship. Both parts are scored in the treble clef and can be performed by unchanged treble voices, women's voices, men's voices, or mixed voices. Book includes mixed media CD.

30/2504L - Book/CD Combination

Special Songs for All Year Long
Budget Stretching Book/CD Combination is filled with creative, singable Unison / Opt. Two Part songs for use at a variety of special occasions and general worship throughout the year. Songs included by writers Ruth Elaine Schram, Janet McMahan, David Huntsinger, Celeste Clydesdale, Kathie Hill, Melody Morris, Christy Semsen, Pam Andrews, Susie Williams, Reuben Morgan, and Ben Fielding. CD features Accompaniment Tracks as well as reproducible singer's pages.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
0 80689 44917 8 - Director's Resource Kit
0 80689 74172 2 - Bulk CDs (10 pak)
0 80689 45809 5 - Instructional DVD

Starry Night, Noisy Night (cover) Starry Night, Noisy Night
Delightful, charming Christmas Musical by Ruth Elaine Schram and Scott Schram for Grades K - 6 in a budget-stretching all-inclusive Book/CD combination. Filled with humorous references to modern distractions that prevent us from experiencing the true meaning of Christmas, the story is told from the stable animals' point of view. Appropriate for performance by as few as 10 children or many more, flexibly designed with minimal dialogue and many familiar melodies.

more info...

Steal Away
View scoreView SATB score page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
Beautiful and sensitive setting of the well-known spiritual is suitable for church or school use. The musical imagery is exquisite with great expressive potential and lots of teaching opportunities. The limited range in the SATB version is perfect for the developing ensemble capable of four part harmony.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL353 - SATB
BL354 - SSA
BLCD00T5 or BLCD00T6 - Accompaniment CD

Still, Still, Still
View scoreView Two Part score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Easy to learn but effective arrangement of the familiar German carol, now available for SATB as well as Three Part Mixed or Two Part voices. Suitable for school or church use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SV98106 - Two Part
SV98105 - Three-Part Mixed
SVM00049 - SATB
SVM00049CD - Accompaniment CD

Suo Gan
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 4, page 5
The gorgeous lullaby that has been heard in several commercials has been arranged for young voices, and will be a lovely addition to your music library for use during the Christmas season. Available in Three Part Mixed and Two Part voicings.  Suitable for school or church use. Now available in the new "Children of the World" book from Alfred.

Alfred (formerly Warner Brothers)
SV98116 - Three Part Mixed
SV98115 - Two Part
31193 - Book

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
Soulful arrangement of the African American Spiritual by Ruth Elaine Schram includes a mixture of up-beat swing eighths and a change of feel to lush, even eighths. Suitable for school or church use, with optional solo (which may be performed by unison choir).

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL245 - Three Part Mixed
BL246 - Unison / Optional Two Part

Thank You Again
View scoreView score page 3, page 4
With tender music appropriate for her text, Ruth Elaine Schram has written a lovely two-part treble piece that will do much to encourage thoughtfulness in young singers. The piece is particularly suitable for Thanksgiving or Patriotic use, acknowledging the contribution of parents and grandparents in our lives, with alternate text to honor civil servants such as police, firefighters and the armed forces that would make this piece suitable for Thanksgiving services, or patriotic celebrations such as Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day.

Carl Fischer
CM9068 - Two Part Treble

That Promised Land
In "That Promised Land," Ruth Elaine Schram has paired two traditional spirituals - "Walk Together, Children," and "When the Saints Go Marching In," and the result is a pure delight. After each song is first stated alone, they are cleverly partnered in a way that makes this arrangement both easy-to-learn and fun for any combination of two-part voices and choirs of all ages. Delightful accompaniment track (orchestrated by Tim Hayden) makes this tune sparkle! Suitable for school or church use.

10/4038L - Two-part Any Combination
99/2723L - P/A CD

There Will Be Joy
Handel's buoyant "Joy to the World" is referenced in this uplifting original anthem from Ruthie Schram, which is suitable for Advent or Christmas Eve. The flexible textures are sure to work well for smaller choirs or as a one-rehearsal anthem for larger choirs, offering a perfect worship resource for the busy holiday season. (Voiced SATB; for Two-part Mixed, simply omit the Alto and Bass notes.)

10/4132L - SATB or Two-part Mixed

Three Joyful Calls to Worship
View scoreView score page 1, page 7, page 11
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Shawnee Press has introduced "Worship Songs Jr.," with songs specifically written for young voices. This set of three calls to worship includes "Come Into the House" based on Psalm 100, "Sing With Joy" based on Psalm 95, and "We Have Met to Worship" incorporating the hymn tune "Holy Manna" by George Atkins and William Moore. Each has optional Hand Bell parts (included in the score) and is bright and upbeat. A separate accompaniment CD is also available.

Shawnee Press
E5278 - Two Part
MS5005 - Split Track Accompaniment CD

Three Songs for Spring
View scoreView score page 1, page 9, page 14
Delightful collection of three children's anthems for unison / opt. 2-part voices and keyboard. Appropriate for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Lent and Easter, each of the three anthems has optional narration. Anthems included are; "Hosanna!" for Palm Sunday, "Welcomed Home Again," for Maundy Thursday or any communion service, and "Jesus Rose" for Easter Sunday. "InstruTrax" accompaniment CD (orchestrated by Tim Hayden) is available separately.

29253 - Unison / Two Part
29254 - Accompaniment CD

Through The Window
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 9
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This poignant song begins with unison children's choir (or soloist) singing, "Through the window, I can see you. I am playing, you are praying; praying for me, faithfully praying; praying for my future, praying for my friends, praying for our family. May those faithful prayers never end..."  Then the adults sing, from the other perspective; as though watching through the window as their children play, while they are praying for their family.  A beautiful sentiment, as the song progresses to say "May God's hand of blessing reach unto your children's children..."  A perfect choice for family emphases, baptism or dedication services, or general use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
BSCM01066 - SATB with Unison Children
BSCM01067 - SAB with Unison Children

To Love
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Here is a warm, inviting anthem that is perfect for services centering on the family including Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christian Family Sunday. This lovely setting features flowing harmonies supported by an expressive accompaniment that compliments the moving text. The addition of the children's voices will touch the hearts of all who hear it! A home and family winner!

Exaltation (Lorenz)
10/2968L - SATB

To Love the Lord
"Children Sing in Worship" is a collection of 13 anthems that spans the church year for singers aged 8 to 12 years. To facilitate the process of learning to both read and make music, this collection includes both the complete score with accompaniment for the director and a reproducible melody line version for the young singer. A valuable resource for children's choirs! Includes "To Love the Lord," arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram; a setting of Mark 12: 30, quoting a familiar Mozart theme.

ISBN 9781451401806 - Unison / Two-part

Touch of an Angel (cover) Touch of an Angel
This Christmas musical is perfect for children's choirs, Christian schools or Sunday schools.

Throughout time, the touch of an angel has changed people, events and even the course of history. In the Christmas story, God used angels to change the lives of ordinary people with extraordinary news, extraordinary missions and extraordinary blessings. All of these people - Zechariah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and the magi - were changed forever by the touch of an angel.

more info...

Twas the Year Before Christmas (cover) Twas the Year Before Christmas
Turn back the clock and witness the exciting events leading up to the birth of Christ in this Christmas Musical for children.

more info...

The Unfriendly Beasts (cover) The Unfriendly Beasts
(No Room in the Stable)
A Christmas musical for children K-6 by Ruth Elaine Schram and Scott Schram.

more info...

Wade in the Water
View scoreView SATB score page 5, page 6, page 7
MP3 audioListen to an excerpt
This light, jazzy "swing" arrangement of the folk song is perfect for general use in school or church. Guitar, Bass, and drum parts are included, and an accompaniment track is available. Moderate ranges are suitable for any age choir.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SV98123 - SATB
SV98124 - Three Part Mixed

Walk This Lonesome Valley
In this combination of two familiar and beloved spirituals, Ruth Elaine Schram has crafted a thoughtful and captivating medley suitable for both church and school use. Beginning with "We must walk this lonesome valley, we have to walk it by ourselves..." then culminating in the invitation, "But I want You, Lord, to walk with me..." Gorgeous chords permeate the vocals and piano accompaniment, both of which are further strengthened by an optional cello obbligato which is included in the score. Available in multiple voicings.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2889H - SATB
15/2890H - Three-part Mixed
15/2891H - Two-part
99/2938H - Performance / Accomp. CD
99/2961H - Fall 2012 Accompaniment Trak 24

We Praise Your Name
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
A bright swing tempo and blues harmonies create an infectious spirit in this anthem as the two vocal parts call to each other: "Jesus, we praise your name!" The independent vocal parts are easily taught to young singers, and a supportive accompaniment insures successful performance for any age group. (May be done unison as well.) Fun and energetic, this piece conveys the important message to trust in God during times of trouble. Delightful Accompaniment Track is available, orchestrated by Tim Hayden.

10/3818L - Two Part
99/2466L - Accompaniment CD

Welcoming the King
Fill your sanctuary with the joyous sound of children singing Hosannas on Palm Sunday, accompanied by a bright piano part and optional handbells. Simple to learn and affirming in performance, structured partly as a round and partly as a partner song, it is easy enough for the young singers to sing and wave their palm branches at the same time.

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
35027765 - 2-part treble, opt. handbells

The Wexford Carol
The gorgeous Irish carol has been paired with the familiar "Venite adoremus Dominum" chorus from "The Snow Lay on the Ground" to create a lovely Christmas offering for treble voices. Optional flute and cello parts add a crowning touch to this exquisite selection that is suitable for church and school settings.

Performance/Accompaniment CD available.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3031H - SSA / Piano / Flute & Cello
15/3032H - Two-part / Piano/ Flute & Cello
99/3073H - Performance/Accompaniment CD

What Are You Dreaming Of?
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This delightful piece by Ruthie Schram lifts aspirations for a special Christmas moment for young voices with her precious song which partners "Silent Night" with an enchanting new original work. A wonderful teaching piece for choirs beginning to learn part-singing, yet eloquent enough to captivate choirs capable of harmony.

Shawnee Press
E5531 - Two Part Treble
MD5605 - LiteTrax Accompaniment CD

When I Honor You
View scoreView score page 4, page 5, page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christian Family Sunday or any service with a family focus. The innocence and sincerity of the text is lovingly crafted in a simple melody for children, echoed and enhanced by the SATB choir. The children begin by stating to parents, "When I honor you, God is lifted up..." and from there it builds into a beautiful statement of the importance of honoring and respecting one another in God's design for home and family.

Laurel Press (Lorenz)
10/3404LA - SATB with Unison Children

Wonderfully Made
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
This anthem based on Psalm 139 is great for teaching the doctrine of the care of God for each individual. "I am wonderfully made, by my God, wonderfully made!" Scored for Two Part Treble, this will appeal to youth choirs as well as children's choirs.

10/2709K - Two part

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