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Recent works from Alfred Publishing by Ruth Elaine Schram:

Aaron, the Allergic Shepherd (cover) Aaron, the Allergic Shepherd
There's a new shepherd on the job in Bethlehem, but he's got a problem. He's allergic to sheep! Meanwhile, a miracle is about to happen up the street in a local stable that will change his life.

The Book/CD Combination includes everything you need to prepare and present this easy, 17-minute musical. Perfect for grades K - 4, suitable for as few as 8 children, or many more.

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African Advent Alleluia
Celebrate the sounds of Advent in an African style! This unique anthem incorporates infectious rhythms, played by optional congas, maracas, claves, hand drum and triangle. The easily learned choral parts include the familiar "Kum Ba Ya" text and melody. A fresh and original way to worship the coming King! SATB with piano accompaniment; Instrumental parts included in the score.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
0 80689 87627 1 - SATB / Percussion

American Folk Songs for Two
Collection of ten American Folk Songs arranged for duets. Includes arrangements by Ruth Elaine Schram, Mark Hayes, Jay Althouse, David Waggoner, and Andy Beck.

38106 - Book
38107 - Accompaniment CD
38108 - Book/CD Combination

Carols for Solo Singers
This superb collection of favorite carols includes ten festive arrangements by Ruth Elaine Schram, Bret Rhoades, Donald Moore, Mark Hayes, Brian Lewis, Vicki Tucker Courtney, Andy Beck, and Sally Albrecht. Appropriate for many occasions during the holidays, suitable for school or church use.

35529 - Medium High Songbook
35530 - Med. High Accompaniment CD
35531 - Book/CD Combination
35532 - Medium Low Songbook
35533 - Med. Low Accompaniment CD
35534 - Book/CD Combination

The Case of the Reluctant Innkeeper (cover) The Case of the Reluctant Innkeeper
Bethlehem court is in session with the Honorable Judge Jody Justice presiding! It's the People vs. a certain "reluctant" innkeeper ... reluctant to give a certain young couple a room for the night, that is. Sam Shepherd is the prosecuting attorney who's out to get to the bottom of this case by calling key animal witnesses to the stand. Eventually it is revealed that the greatest miracle of all happened the night before, and God can always turn things around for good!

Perfect for grades K - 4, this 20 minute, easy to prepare and present musical by Mark Cabaniss and Ruth Elaine Schram, orchestrated by John DeVries, can be performed with as few as eight children or many more. The verdict is in ... "The Case of the Reluctant Innkeeper" will delight and inspire your church and community with the joyous message of Christmas!

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Celtic Benediction
A wonderful parting blessing for any occasion! The soothing movement of the 6/8 meter, combined with lovely melodic writing for flute or other C instrument provides the perfect setting for this benediction anthem of hope and comfort. "May the face of God go before you. May the grace of God now be with you. May His goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life ..."

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
08068905723 - SATB with Opt. Flute

Children of the World
Authentic folk songs from around the world are especially arranged for beginning Two Part voices. Compiled and edited by Andy Beck and Brian Fisher, accompaniments orchestrated by Tim Hayden. Fun fact pages provide a fascinating look at cultures of nine countries on four continents, as well as doubling as an optional narration for a 30 minute program. Includes Ruthie Schram's gorgeous arrangement of the lovely Welsh lullaby, Suo Gan. Handbook is 100% Reproducible for your convenience.

31191 - Teacher Handbook
31192 - Enhanced SoundTrax CD
31193 - Book/CD Combination

Christmas With the Angels
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Cleverly combining two Christmas Spirituals, Chatter With the Angels and Mary Had a Baby, with the beloved carol He Is Born, the result is a darling offering to the Christ Child for children's or youth choirs. The use of optional chimes or finger cymbals creates a wonderful, shimmering effect and adds to the simplicity and charm of this anthem. Orchestrated by Tim Hayden, a delightful Accompaniment CD is also available.

27870 - Two Part Any Combination
27871 - Instru Trax Accompaniment CD

Come to Earth, O Tiny King
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Written in the style of the holiday favorite "Dance of the Reed Flutes" from "The Nutcracker Suite," this celebration in song is fun for kids of all ages! Combine your singers with 8 bells or chimes and hear the sounds of the Christmas season come alive! Sung in unison or in 2 easy (equal) parts, this selection for young voices is superbly constructed to teach important singing skills (such as pitch-matching) in an enjoyable way. Delightful, sparkling accompaniment track orchestrated by Tim Hayden is available as well to make your presentation delightful for all.

29285 - Unison / Two Part
29286 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Day By Day (with Peace Like a River)
This moving setting of the beloved hymn "Day By Day" (by Caroline V. Sandell-Berg and Oscar Ahnfelt) has been artfully arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram, incorporating the traditional "Peace Like a River." The result is an incredibly moving anthem that will provide wonderful moments in general worship as well as a tender reflection in funeral or memorial services. The song is dedicated in loving memory to Ruthie's precious uncle, Chandler Gage, who walked her down the aisle when she married Scott.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

39128 - SATB

Gather Round and Sing (cover) Gather Round and Sing
Collection of six rounds for Two Part and Three part Children's Choirs. Spanning the entire church year and covering a broad range of general and seasonal applications including Advent, Baptism, Child or Family Dedication, Christ the King Sunday, Christmas, Eastertide, Lent, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Children's Day, Spring, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day.

29231 - Songbook
29232 - Book / CD Combination
29233 - Accompaniment CD

Gift of Music
View scoreView SATB score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Uplifting original work that thanks the Lord for the gift of music. "We come together to worship, to praise You, Lord. We come together to lift Your Name above all other names. How could we begin to praise You without a song, without the gift of music that You so freely gave? Jesus, we thank You for the gift of music..."

Warner Bros. / Alfred
BSCM05011 - SATB
BSCM05012 - SAB
BSCM05011CD - Accompaniment CD

Gifts At the Manger
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Charming offering blends the beloved carol Away In a Manger with The Friendly Beasts in a delightful work for Unison or Two Part choirs. Children and adults alike will enjoy singing this arrangement by Ruthie Schram. Particularly sweet for children on Christmas Eve. An optional narration quoting scripture is the perfect lead-in to set a worshipful mood.

26480 - Unison / Two Part

Glory Land Hallelu
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This energetic medley combines two traditional choruses, "Praise Ye the Lord, Hallelujah," and "Do Lord," sprinkled with references to Handel's "Hallelujah" Chorus! Lively choral call-and-response makes this the ideal piece for teaching choirs to part-sing, and its flexible voicing is great for both treble and mixed choirs of all ages. Speech chorus and stomps and claps add to the toe-tapping fun! Tim Hayden's delightfully orchestrated CD accompaniment track is available.

00-24382 - Two Part any combination (Level Two)
00-24383 - InstruTrax CD

Hallelu!  He Lives! (cover) Hallelu! He Lives!
This highly accessible 8 minute mini-musical for unison / two-part children's choir tells the story of the final week of Jesus' life from Palm Sunday through Easter. (Anthems may also be done separately during Holy Week.) Weaving traditional melodies with original melodic material, and providing charming narration in verse form, Ruth Elaine Schram has created a lovely work well suited to the abilities of children, yet rich in meaning for all who hear. Parts for flute, two clarinets, cello, handbells, piano and percussion are available separately for live orchestra, in addition to the Accompaniment CD. Titles include "Joy on That Day," suitable for Palm Sunday, "Table of Love" for Communion / Maundy Thursday, and "Hallelu! He Lives!" for Easter Sunday.

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Heart in Praise
"I lift up my heart in praise to You. Of all creation You are King: to You my praises I will sing." Open your hearts to the love of the Lord and show your praise and thanksgiving with this original anthem by Ruth Elaine Schram. Incorporates an adaptation of "Lauda Anima" by Henry Lyte and John Goss.

37690 - SATB

Hola! Hello!
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
Fun, educational piece that includes greetings of friendship in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese, with optional sign language. Pictures to demonstrate the American Sign Language phrases are included in the score for ease of learning, and cues are given throughout the score for placement of signs.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
SVM05073 - Three Part Mixed
SVM05074 - Two Part
SVM05073CD - Accompaniment CD

Holiday Partners
This resource bridges the gap between unison and part singing with ten wonderful two-part selections for young singers arranged "partner" style by Ruth Elaine Schram, Sally Albrecht, Andy Beck, Mary Donnelly, Donald Moore, and George Strid. Teacher's Handbook includes Accompaniment CD (orchestrated by Tim Hayden) and reproducible singer's pages.

35669 - Teacher's Handbook
35670 - Enhanced SoundTrax CD
35671 - Book/CD Combination

I Will Hold Your Hand
View scoreView SATB score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Uplifting piece that assures us no matter what storms we encounter, God has promised to never let us go. "When the clouds begin to gather, and the rain begins to fall; when the storms are all around you till you cannot see at all, I will hold your hand..." Available in two voicings for mixed ensembles.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
BSCM05018 - SATB
BSCM05019 - Two Part Mixed

I Will Sing (cover) I Will Sing
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
"I will sing, though the world may be silent, I believe someone is listening..."   Beautiful, uplifting song of the power of music to bring us together and of the difference that one individual joining with others can make.   Commissioned by the Alabama ACDA Young Voices Festival, Shirley Ellison and Lisa Latham, Co-Directors.  Optional cello part included in score.

21111 - Three-Part Mixed (Level Three)
21112 - Two-Part (Level Two)

In Communion
Providing a rich context for why Christians celebrate communion, this anthem will enrich your congregation's observance of Jesus' last supper. With or without the available orchestral parts, the lilting melody and lyrical accompaniment set a tender mood for a text that describes the Savior's final meal with His disciples. From the Lenten tenebrae musical, "Tapestry of Darkness." Beautifully orchestrated Accompaniment CD available, or Score and Parts for Winds, Strings, Percussion, and French Horn for live orchestra.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
0 80689 10123 6 - SATB
0 80689 86732 3 - CD ChoralTrax
0 80689 99847 8 - Orchestration

In Everything Give Thanks
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Based on the beloved passage in Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 and I Thessalonians 5:18, this song encourages us to give thanks to God in everything. "In everything, we give thanks. There's a time to sow, and there's a time to reap, there's a time to laugh, a time to weep, but in everything, we give thanks..." Straightforward without being simplistic, the message is highlighted by memorable music in this anthem of thanks and praise for General, Thanksgiving, or Stewardship use.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

32286 - SATB

In the Christmas Spirit
View scoreView SATB score page 4, page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB sacred text)
Incorporating the spirituals "Mary Had a Baby," "The Angel Band," "I'm Gonna Sing," and "Go, Tell It On the Mountain," Ruth Elaine Schram has tied them together with original words and music for a fun, upbeat medley. This bright swing-style piece will be a unique change of pace for the holidays. Suitable for church or school use (with alternate text included), available in multiple voicings.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
SVM05015 - SATB
SVM05016 - Three Part Mixed
SVM05017 - Two Part
SVM05015CD - Accompaniment / Performance CD

In the Silent Garden
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
John Parker's beautiful poetry is set to lovely music by Ruth Elaine Schram in this offering for Lent or Holy Week.  "...Music like no other once filled the garden fair. Tiny birds with pleasure expressed their gladness there.  But now hidden in a cold tomb, where no singing can be heard, lies the very Song of Life, in death, without a word..."  Available in two voicings.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

22726 - SATB (Level 3)
22727 - Two Part Mixed (Level 2)

The Incredible Adam Angel
Remember what it was like to be a child and have your imagination run wild; to imagine all of the wonderful places you could go and all of the exciting things you could see? Well, geeky scientist, Adam Angel, is a dreamer, and with just that kind of imagination, every single day he dreams of adventure and fame, fancying himself as everything from an archaeologist to a race car driver. He has lost the true meaning of Christmas, and doesn't find it until he dreams of being the angel that announces the birth of Jesus!

This delightful children's musical, from creators Mark Cabaniss and Ruthie Schram, will take you on Adam's journey as he becomes that angel. It is filled with wonderful new music and traditional carols. The message is clear, during the Christmas season and all through the year, we are ALL incredible in God's eyes!

Easily prepared and presented, this 19-minute reproducible musical will take your young singers (and your congregation) on a unique and entertaining trip to the heart of Christmas. Perfectly suited for grades K - 4.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689482175 - Directors Resource Kit
080689856228 - Listening CD
080689482175M - Accompaniment CD
080689782725 - Bulk CD (10 pak)
080689579363 - CD Preview Pack

Instant Introits & Amens
This set of four introits and four benedictions by Stan Pethel and Ruth Elaine Schram is a useful addition to your choir's repertoire. Each short choral response includes an optional instrumental part and is quite accessible for any choir. Each selection will surely provide a meaningful beginning or ending to your time of worship. Titles include, "Hear the Glad Sound," "Sing Praise," "Come, Let Us Sing!", "Rejoice, Rejoice!", "As We Now this Place Depart," "Let Us Share God's Love," "Into the Coming Days," and "May the Lord Watch Over You."

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
0 80689 11023 8 - SATB with Opt. Instrument

It Was For Me
View scoreView SATB score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Welcome the Child of Christmas with this light, lyrical anthem, reminding us that every miracle that surrounded the birth of Christ was as much for us as it was for the people of that day. "Celestial glory, the star so bright, the old, old story, the silent night, the sweet Redeemer Child who would change the world; it was all for me..."

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
BSCM05044 - SATB
BSCM05045 - SAB

Joseph's Song (God Was In Control)
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This delightfully amusing recount of the life of the Old Testament prophet, Joseph, is set to the familiar "Yankee Doodle" tune, making this easy to learn for your young singers. From his coat of many colors to his seat on the court of the Pharaoh, this charming, witty children's anthem by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram is ideal for worship, chapel, or Sunday School throughout the year. Sung in unison or in two easy parts, with optional Readings to give background information on this wonderful Bible story, this is sure to be an instant favorite. Fun, sparkling track by Tim Hayden is the perfect accompaniment choice.

29282 - Unison / Two Part
29283 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

The Last Noel (cover) The Last Noel
The baby Jesus is born in the last place on earth you'd expect to find God's son - behind the last stable door on the left at the Last Resort Inn! This delightful Christmas story is told from the animals' point of view. All of the animal characters - Donkey Jody, Cowsandra and Cowdy, Shiloh and Woolian Sheep and Camel Lot soon realize that despite their humble status, God has a very special place for them in Bethlehem at the Last Resort Inn!

Suitable for Grades K-6, perfect for Sunday School programs or as a Church School Christmas musical. Approximately 20 minutes in length; easy to prepare with familiar melodies. Delightfully orchestrated by Tim Hayden.

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Lighting the Flame of Hope
View scoreView score page 2, page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This flexible anthem is designed to accompany the weekly ritual of illuminating the candles of the Advent wreath. Several performance options are given, including the use of this piece each week during Advent, or any one week of your choice using the appropriate text and scripture, or straight through utilizing all verses. An optional flute obbligato is included which underscores the optional scriptural narrations included in the score. Utilizing the traditional French carol, Carol of the Birds, this graceful anthem will make a delightful addition to worship during the Advent season. In addition, two endings are included: one minor and one major. If using this all four weeks of Advent, the composer suggests using the minor ending for the first three weeks, and the major ending on the last week for variety. Voiced for Two Part Mixed with cues for Alto to easily turn this into an SAB anthem.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

29407 - Two Part Mixed (opt. SAB)

The Lone, Wild Bird
View scoreView SATB score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This traditional American folk hymn, while elegantly simple, has been given a fresh, stirring setting by Ruth Elaine Schram. An optional soaring flute obbligato is featured, while gorgeous vocal harmonies convey the image of the Great Spirit who comes in lofty flight to give rest to the weary. The richly flowing accompaniment underscores three modulating verses that gradually lift our souls to heaven. Suitable for Pentecost or General use.

23712 - SATB (Level 3)
23713 - SAB (Level 2)

The Lord Made Them All
Using the traditional English melody Royal Oak (All Things Bright and Beautiful), Ruthie has created an anthem that perfectly combines your adult choir, children (optional), and congregation (optional) in this lovely new setting. The optional Flute solo adds a crowning touch to this worshipful anthem that will be enjoyed by all ages.

42520 - SATB

Masterworks for Two
This outstanding collection features ten classic songs for any combination of two voices and piano. Alfred Music's top masterwork arrangers provide supportive accompaniments, well-crafted vocal lines, and historically informed editorial markings plus IPA pronunciation guides and complete translations for every piece in a foreign language. Superb recital, concert, and contest repertoire for developing singers! Arrangers include Ruth Elaine Schram, Patrick Liebergen, Earlene Rentz, and Russell Robinson.

Titles include: Abendlied (Mendelssohn); Alleluia (Mozart); Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod); Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart); Bon Dì (Lully); Caro Mio Ben (Giordani); Kyrie (Dvorak); The Maiden (Dvorak); Pie Jesu (Faure); Where'er You Walk (Handel).

45625 - Book / CD Combination
45626 - Book
45627 - Accompaniment CD

May the Lord Watch Over You
This anthem is quite versatile as it contains two texts: one to be used as a general anthem and the other as a benediction. Also, it can be performed in a shorter version as explained in the score. In each case, the text is well supported by the warm melody, lovely voice leading, and flowing accompaniment. It includes the time honored hymn, "God Be with You (Till We Meet Again)." An optional cello part is included in the score and adds further versatility. This lovely choral will truly help your congregation to sense the loving presence of our Lord in your worship service.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689165238 - SATB / Piano / Opt. Cello

Miracle at the Christmas Cafe
Welcome to Bethlehem and the Christmas Cafe, where Polly Porkchop and Mac N. Cheese serve up some home cooking and tell "The Greatest Story Ever Told" that happened right up the street not long ago! Easily prepared and presented, this funny and touching reproducible musical by Mark Cabaniss and Ruth Elaine Schram can be performed by large and small children's choirs alike. Orchestrated by John DeVries; presentation time approximately 20 minutes.

Watch the Digital Reading Session with Ruth Elaine Schram and Mark Cabaniss here!

42943 - Director's Score
42942 - InstruTrax CD
42940 - Preview Pack
42941 - Listening CD
42944 - Director's Kit
42945 - Bulk CDs (10 listening CD pack)

A Mother's Hands
View scoreView SATB score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB Christmas text)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB general text)
Dedicated to Ruthie's two daughters when they each became a new mother, this tuneful anthem has a dual text for family celebrations (especially appropriate for Mother's Day) and Christmas. The imagery of a loving mother's hands wiping away a tear, preparing meals, and folding in prayer, lead to the climactic chorus based on Proverbs 31: "...And we will rise up and call her blessed! She is the hand of God in a cold, dark world, and we honor her..." The alternate Christmas text focuses on Mary and how she was an exemplary, godly mother. Available in two voicings.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
BSCM05003 - SATB
BSCM05004 - SAB

A New Song
View scoreView SATB score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB sacred text)
Ruth Elaine Schram has adapted one of the most cherished texts from the Psalms to create an exciting work about music. Geared specifically to today's choirs, this song is upbeat and powerfully moving. Dual texts have been provided to make this suitable for church or school use. Churches may wish to involve adult choir, youth choirs, or praise ensembles with either the full orchestration (by Julian Bond) or a rhythm section.

Warner Bros. / Alfred
SVM05007 - SATB
SVM05008 - SAB
SVM05007CD - Accompaniment CD

O Come Little Children
"O Come, Little Children" is paired with "Angels We Have Heard on High" in this arrangement that is equally appropriate for school or church choirs. An open-fifth motive on "Come, come..." adds an element of mystery and hushed anticipation as the children approach the manger and the angels sing above. This is very sweet for choirs at all levels! Accompaniment CD available.

43417 - SATB
43418 - SAB
43419 - 2-part
43420 - SoundTrax CD

Poor Boy
The beautiful folk melody is sensitively set for SSA voices in this charming arrangement. Delicate harmonies come easily to the lower voices as the melody floats effortlessly above. "Bow down your head and cry, poor boy ... and stop thinking of the one you love ..."

31079 - SSA
31028 - Piano Trax

Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers
Especially suited for the 3rd Sunday of Advent, this setting of this favorite Advent text by Laurentius Laurenti uses a dancing 6/8 feel to highlight the sense of joy in the text. Choral parts and accompaniment are easily accessible and fresh making this anthem one you and your choir will enjoy for years to come.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

39142 - SATB

Simple Songs for All Seasons
Every church choir needs songs in their library that are easy to prepare for those times when the choir loft is not quite full. This collection of five easy to learn songs is written with the volunteer musician in mind and can be used throughout the church year. Each song is flexibly voiced for SAB voices or Two Part mixed voices (the alto part is optional throughout).

This collection includes five songs, two of which have dual texts to be used for a specific season or for general use any time of the year. Three of the songs have optional instrumental obbligatos (including 2 clarinets, a flute, and a cello). Each song works as a "partner-type" duet, utilizing a familiar hymn melody for the vocalists with accessible ranges and voice leading.

Songs include "Hymn of Grateful Praise" (Thanksgiving / General); "We'll Welcome Him" (Advent); "That First Silent Night" (Christmas); "Alleluia! Jesus Lives Today!" (Easter); and "Mercy and Grace" (Communion / General). The hymn tunes were carefully selected and the corresponding original material is deftly woven through the familiar material with meaningful texts, providing thought provoking and poignant moments in the worship service.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689265235 - Two Part Mixed / SAB / Piano

Sing Noel to the Baby
This upbeat Christmas spiritual is just plain fun to sing! The very accessible syncopated rhythms fit the text perfectly. Voiced for SATB choir (with some optional divisii) and soloist. Whether sung a cappella or with the piano accompaniment, this choral is sure to add energy and joy to your seasonal programming.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689067235 - SATB

Sing Now His Song
This sparkling anthem by Ruth Elaine Schram will be a joyful addition to any worship setting! Original musical material moves effortlessly into a statement of the well loved hymn, "Come, Christians, Join to Sing" and then back into the original music to end the piece with sounds of highest praise.

Parts for three octave handbell choir are included with the score and will only add further to the celebratory nature of this delightful piece.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689203237 - SATB / Piano / Opt. Handbells

Sing We All Noel
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Two Part Mixed)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
This joyful medley combines two carol favorites, "Sing We Now of Christmas" and "The First Noel," flexibly arranged for Unison or Two Part voices of all ages. A great choice for children's choirs on Christmas Eve, or for a quickly prepared adult anthem for the busy holidays or the Sunday after Christmas. Optional flute, triangle, and snare drum parts (included in score) add the crowning touch for Christmas worship or concerts! A CD track is also available.

00-24392 - Unison / Opt. Two Part (Level One)
00-24393 - InstruTrax CD

Something's Fishy
This delightful collection by Ruth Elaine Schram includes five songs about God's great big world. From the stars in the heavens to the bottom of the deep blue sea, God's great big world is an amazing and marvelous creation! These songs celebrate this creation, as well as God's greatest creation of all, you and me. Each of the five songs in this creative reproducible collection can be performed separately any time during the year, or you can use the rhyming narration to link the songs together, creating a 20-minute, easy-to-prepare-and-present mini-musical perfect for a Spring Musical, Summer Musical, or Vacation Bible School Program. In addition, Discussion Topics and "starter questions" with Scripture references have been included to aid your rehearsals and deepen your singers' understanding of these Biblical concepts.

Titles include: "Something Fishy's Going On;" "Seeds and Soil and Such;" "Whatever the Weather;" "Birds and Bugs, Worms and Slugs," and "So Big!" Your children's choir will be enthralled by this collection that teaches Biblical truths in a fun and interesting way!

44122 - Preview Pack
44124 - Listening CD
44125 - InstruTrax CD
44126 - Director's Score
44127 - Director's Kit
44128 - Bulk CDs (10 listening CD pack)

Songs of the Far East for Solo Singers
This exquisite collection of vocal solos features folk songs from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Appropriate for both developing singers and mature vocalists, each of the ten beautiful arrangements is sung largely in English, and a phonetic pronunciation guide is included for the phrases in Asian languages. Perfect for Recitals, Concerts, and Contests, with arrangements by Ruth Elaine Schram, Vicki Tucker Courtney, Ruth Morris Gray, Marti Lunn Lantz, Sonja Poorman, and others. Professionally recorded Piano Tracks are available either in the Book/CD Combination or the separately available Accompaniment CD.

43489 - Medium High Book/CD
43490 - Medium High Book
43491 - Med High Acc CD
43486 - Medium Low Book/CD
43487 - Med Low Book
43488 - Med Low Acc CD

Songs of the Passion
Here is an inspiring four-movement suite for Lent or Holy Week. It can be presented in its entirety or as individual movements throughout the season. The work opens with a short, meditative introduction quoting the spiritual "Were You There" and then moves into a jubilant Palm Sunday piece titled "Hosanna! Christ Is King!" Next is the reflective and poignantly beautiful "How Great the Love of Jesus." The spiritual returns along with original musical content in the third movement, "They Crucified My Lord." The suite ends with a lovely arrangement of the traditional "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" with optional congregation involvement. Narration for two readers occurs between each of the four movements.

Beautifully orchestrated by Phillip Keveren with parts for Flute, Oboe, String Quintet, Handbells and Percussion. Performance time: approximately 16 minutes.

Watch the Digital Reading Session interview with Ruth Elaine Schram and Mark Cabaniss here.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689211232 - SATB / Piano
080689064081 - Orchestration
080689775727 - Bulk CD (10-pak)
080689574368 - Preview Pak

Sourwood Mountain
View scoreView SATB score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (TBB)
Fun, delightful arrangement of the Appalachian folk song is available in multiple voicings. Cues for foot stomps and hand claps are included. Vibrant and upbeat, a real crowd-pleaser!

Warner Bros. / Alfred
SVM05023 - SATB
SVM05024 - Three Part Mixed
SVM05025 - Two Part
SVM05026 - TBB
SVM05023CD - Accompaniment CD

Special Songs for All Year Long
Budget Stretching Book/CD Combination is filled with creative, singable Unison / Opt. Two Part songs for use at a variety of special occasions and general worship throughout the year. Songs included by writers Ruth Elaine Schram, Janet McMahan, David Huntsinger, Celeste Clydesdale, Kathie Hill, Melody Morris, Christy Semsen, Pam Andrews, Susie Williams, Reuben Morgan, and Ben Fielding. CD features Accompaniment Tracks as well as reproducible singer's pages.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
0 80689 44917 8 - Director's Resource Kit
0 80689 74172 2 - Bulk CDs (10 pak)
0 80689 45809 5 - Instructional DVD

Tapestry of Darkness (cover) Tapestry of Darkness
"Beyond the tapestry of darkness, the light still shines...." Comparing the events of Jesus' final hours to an ever darkening tapestry of green, brown, white and red, Ruth Elaine Schram has written a truly poignant work for Holy Week for choir and orchestra.

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Three Songs for Spring
View scoreView score page 1, page 9, page 14
Delightful collection of three children's anthems for unison / opt. 2-part voices and keyboard. Appropriate for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Lent and Easter, each of the three anthems has optional narration. Anthems included are; "Hosanna!" for Palm Sunday, "Welcomed Home Again," for Maundy Thursday or any communion service, and "Jesus Rose" for Easter Sunday. "InstruTrax" accompaniment CD (orchestrated by Tim Hayden) is available separately.

29253 - Unison / Two Part
29254 - Accompaniment CD

Touch of an Angel (cover) Touch of an Angel
This Christmas musical is perfect for children's choirs, Christian schools or Sunday schools.

Throughout time, the touch of an angel has changed people, events and even the course of history. In the Christmas story, God used angels to change the lives of ordinary people with extraordinary news, extraordinary missions and extraordinary blessings. All of these people - Zechariah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and the magi - were changed forever by the touch of an angel.

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Twas the Year Before Christmas (cover) Twas the Year Before Christmas
Turn back the clock and witness the exciting events leading up to the birth of Christ in this Christmas Musical for children.

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Two Dismissals
Peter Lutkin's famous "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" sets a high standard for choral benedictions. Joining it in this new edition is Ruth Elaine Schram's new benediction, "Help Us, Lord." Both are fitting ways to close any worship service or church community gathering, and will serve your needs for years to come.

39165 - SATB

Two-Gether We Sing: Christmas
This addition to Alfred's "Two-Gether We Sing" series features ten festive chorals for the holidays, written and arranged with tuneful melodies and strong, independent counterlines. Songs can be performed individually or put them together to create a December performance.

Composers incude Ruth Elaine Schram, Sally Albrecht, Jay Althouse, Andy Beck, Greg Gilpin, Ruth Morris Gray, Donald Moore, George Strid, and others. Beautifully recorded Accompaniment CD orchestrated by Tim Hayden. Reproducible student pages are included as PDF files on the Enhanced SoundTrax CD.

43243 - Book & Enhanced CD
43244 - Teacher Handbook
43245 - Enhanced CD

Upon a Midnight Clear (cover) Upon a Midnight Clear
Come to Bethlehem and relive that midnight clear when "the world in solemn stillness lay to hear the angels sing." In this 35-minute Christmas musical, veterans John Purifoy and Ruth Elaine Schram have captured the joy of Christmas in dynamic and tender musical moments. The work begins with the beautiful "Stand Still and Wait" by Cynthia Clawson, and gracefully carries us from Advent to the birth of our Savior.

The narration (by Mark Cabaniss) incorporates brief character monologues that give an account of their role on that first Christmas night long ago, bringing it to life in vivid tones. Optional congregational participation is included, as well as the optional incorporation of children's voices. Add the simple, optional staging and candlelight touches to create an unforgettable Christmas worship experience for your church and community.

Exquisite orchestration by Ed Hogan; Accompaniment CD available as well as part-dominant rehearsal aids.

Watch the Digital Reading Session with Mark Cabaniss, John Purifoy, and Ruth Elaine Schram here!

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Alfred / Jubilate
44526 - SATB
44527 - Preview Pack
44528 - Rehearsal CDs (2)
44529 - Listening CD
44530 - InstruTrax CD
44531 - Bulk CD pack
44532 - Orchestration Score and Parts CD-Rom

Waiting for the Star
Here is another creative gem from the pen of Ruth Elaine Schram, appropriate for Advent, Christmas or Epiphany. The Latin style, supported by keyboard accompaniment and optional parts for tambourine and shaker, seems to be a perfect fit with the engaging text. Your choir will love to sing this piece and your congregation will love to hear it!

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689170232 - SATB / Piano / Percussion

Walk in the Light
Appropriate for use during the entire church year, this anthem is intended to be easily learned and presented with selected sections teachable to the congregation. (Reproducible part for Congregation is included on back page.) It is flexible in design and can be used as a complete anthem or a simple benediction. Incorporating the popular South African Folksong "Siyahamba;" choirs may alternate singing the English words with the Zulu text.

42528 - SATB

Welcomed Home Again
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
Using the familiar Irish melody, The Salley Gardens, here is a graceful offering for use during Holy Communion or the reflective Lenten season. Verse options are provided for both Communion and Lent, though this anthem may also be performed using the verses consecutively. Tender and expressive, this anthem will quickly become a favorite of choir and congregation! (Also available for Unison / Two Part voices in the children's collection "Three Songs for Spring.")

29337 - SATB
29338 - Two Part Mixed

What Makes Me Sing?
With text based on Psalm 33, Ruth Elaine Schram offers us an original SAB arrangement that meets the needs of so many choirs. With reverence and anticipation, this lovely anthem is perfect for the smaller ensemble. "What makes me sing? It's your love, your unfailing love. I will sing of your love, forever!" With beautiful, full harmonies, this anthem has been written with great care! Originally one of the songs in the "Psalms for a New Time" collection.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

44263 - SAB

Yoo Yoo (Baby Won't Sleep)
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MP3 audioClick here to listen
In this gentle Ruth Elaine Schram setting of a lovely Kenyan folk song, triadic harmonies in the voices are sometimes close and other times open to create breathtaking treble sonorities. "...Star shine falling, brighter than day; shepherds calling, joyful are they. Tucked among the cattle and sheep, no wonder baby won't sleep!" Suitable for school or church use.

28493 - SSA

Your Will is Enough
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Moving, mournful song for the Lenten season from the Savior's perspective as He faced the cross, depending solely on the Heavenly Father for strength to accomplish the task. "...Your will for me will give me strength to face the scorn. Your will for me will be my anchor in the storm. From before time began, this was Your plan, and Your will is enough to see me through and bring me home to You..."

Warner Bros. / Alfred
BSCM05042 - SATB

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