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Handbell Music

Add some "island flair" to your Christmas Season with this delightful Venezuelan carol tune set in a light calypso style for your Treble Choir. Limited vocal ranges, repetitive motives, and the included bell parts make this Ruthie original a no-brainer for developing choirs easing into part-singing.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3242H - Two-Part
99/3531H - Perf/Acc CD

Carols of the Manger (cover) Carols of the Manger
View scoreView score page 1
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Medley of "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly," "Away in a Manger," and "The Coventry Carol" for 3, 4, or 5 octaves. A playful pattern introduces the piece, and provides a segue each time a new melody is introduced.

19646 - Handbells

Carry His Light
View scoreView score page 1, page 5
This easy-to-learn work is perfect for use as a processional and/or recessional for services during the Christmas season, and may be performed a cappella or accompanied with Handbells, Piano, or both. Voiced as Two Part Mixed, the simple melody is done once in unison, then echoed creating the effect of harmony. The bright, lively work optionally incorporates the beloved Charles Wesley text to "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus." A very flexible anthem for use during Advent and Christmas.

Hal Leonard
08743110 - Two Part Mixed with optional Hand Bells

Christmas Carol Celebrations
Celebrate the season by combining your musical resources with this versatile collection of ten of the most popular Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany hymns. These titles, scored for handbells and keyboard, function as stand-alone offerings and may be used to heighten the corporate worship experience by supporting congregational singing. For maximum flexibility, optional endings and repeats have been indicated, permitting directors to customize the length of each selection. In addition, hymn texts have been included so the ringers can keep their place and sing along, if desired. Set in key signatures that are ideal for handbells, yet singable. Available for 2-3 octave choirs, or 4-5 octave choirs, with Reproducible Parts for your ringers.

20/1479L - Keyboard / Handbell Score
30/2448L - Reproducible Handbell (2-3 octaves)
30/2449L - Reproducible Handbell (4-5 octaves)

Come to Earth, O Tiny King
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Written in the style of the holiday favorite "Dance of the Reed Flutes" from "The Nutcracker Suite," this celebration in song is fun for kids of all ages! Combine your singers with 8 bells or chimes and hear the sounds of the Christmas season come alive! Sung in unison or in 2 easy (equal) parts, this selection for young voices is superbly constructed to teach important singing skills (such as pitch-matching) in an enjoyable way. Delightful, sparkling accompaniment track orchestrated by Tim Hayden is available as well to make your presentation delightful for all.

29285 - Unison / Two Part
29286 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

Communion Canon
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MP3 audioClick here to listen
Blend a charming melody by Ruth Elaine Schram with a poignant text by Niel Lorenz into a wonderfully accessible canon, and the result is this refreshing anthem for Communion. The optional bells (8 bells total; parts included in the score) along with the optional repeat makes this a particularly versatile resource for the worship planner. It works equally well with adult or youth choirs, large or small.

Exaltation (Lorenz)
10/3568L - Two Part Mixed, opt. SAB, with opt. Handbells

Holy Jesus, Think On Me
View scoreView score page 1
With most of the ringing occurring on the beat, this evocative, simply stated union of two beloved hymn tunes provides a most effective backdrop for prayerful contemplation and introspection. Suitable for Lent, this medley of "Ah, Holy Jesus" (Herzliebster Jesu) and "Southwell" plays beautifully in three octaves of Handbells or Handchimes. The changes are easily executed at the slow, reverent tempo prescribed.

20/1469L - Handbells or Handchimes (Level 2)

The King Shall Come
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This sensitive and uncluttered setting of an Early American hymn tune is closely wedded to the hymn it accompanies: The King shall come when morning dawns and light triumphant breaks; when beauty gilds the eastern hills and life to joy awakes. Captivating! Works equally well with Handchimes or bells, two or three octaves.

20/1408L - Handbell 2-3 octaves

Love One Another
MP3 audioClick here to listen
The universal theme of love and charity fill this piece with purpose and excellent worship potential. Drawing from the words of the Savior, Ruthie has crafted a piece that incorporates a full range of music ministry resources into a touching statement. Use the instrumentation and handbell parts to create a truly singular piece for your entire music program. Voiced for SATB adults, SAB youth, Two Part children, piano, hand bells, and flute. Commissioned in honor of Louise Angermeier upon her retirement as Director of Music from Clarkston United Methodist Church, Clarkston, Michigan and based upon her favorite passage of scripture.

Shawnee Press
A7927 - SATB Adult / SAB Youth / Two Part

My Life Flows On in Endless Song
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
(How Can I Keep from Ringing?) Cascading eighth notes begin and end this inspired arrangement of one of Robert Lowry's most endearing hymns. The melody is found in alternating sections both in higher and lower bell ranges with no rhythmic figures encountered above the first subdivision of the beat. Works well with Bells or Chimes, three octaves.

20/1402L - Handbells 3 Octaves

Palm Sunday Processional
"Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord." This celebratory strain comes to life in this anthem that is perfect for Palm Sunday worship. Endless possibilities abound with this arrangement for three-part any combination of voices that is easily learned for processional use. The optional handbell parts are accessible and will add to the festive spirit of this piece.

10/3974L - Three Part Any Combination

The Power of the Cross
This uncomplicated arrangement of a favorite Keith Getty and Stuart Townend collaboration prominently displays the tune following a brief introduction. An easy major second modulation precedes a statement of "In the Cross of Christ I Glory," and then the music easily returns to the original key with a recapitulation of the main theme. Don't miss this inspired pairing of tunes for 2 or 3 octaves by Ruth Elaine Schram.

20/1558L - 2 or 3 octaves

Rejoice! Christ is Born!
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
In a sprightly compound duple meter, three spirited carols proclaim the good news of the season. The delightful medley is held together with a reoccurring dancing eighth-note motive, as it wends its way through C major, F major and B-flat major. Happy music for a joyous celebration, for three-octave handbell or hand chime choirs (Level 3).

20/1448L - 3 octave Handbells or Hand Chimes

Roses and Thorns (cover) Roses and Thorns
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
This beautiful text (translated from Russian by Geoffrey Dearmer and used by permission of Oxford University Press) is hauntingly set in D minor (without the 3rd for the most part) and 3/4 meter. The simplistic message of this song will linger long after the music is over. Chord symbols are given for optional guitar, and a three-octave handbell part is also included.

Choristers Guild
CGA737 - Unison / Optional Two Part

Sing Allelu
With one text for Christmas and another for Easter, Ruthie Schram's "Sing Allelu" is a versatile, celebratory anthem. Great for singers of all ages, it is flexibly voiced for Unison / Two part voices with optional Handbells for three octaves. The text is meaningful and the melody memorable throughout. The joyful mood can be supplemented with the use of the optional handbells or handchimes (included in score; also available as a free download from the publisher) which fits wonderfully with the flowing keyboard accompaniment.

10/4037L - Unison / Two-part / opt. Handbells

Sing for Joy!
Another in the continuing series celebrating the candles of Advent, this cheerful anthem shines joy into the sanctuary. A lightly syncopated theme drives the energy of the piece forward, and the simple yet profound message looks toward the birth of Jesus. As is the case with all pieces in this series, the music is well crafted and arranged for the success of your ensemble. Use the easy handbells (2 octaves, included in score) for a special touch!

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
HL 35028394 - SATB / Handbells

Sing Now His Song
This sparkling anthem by Ruth Elaine Schram will be a joyful addition to any worship setting! Original musical material moves effortlessly into a statement of the well loved hymn, "Come, Christians, Join to Sing" and then back into the original music to end the piece with sounds of highest praise.

Parts for three octave handbell choir are included with the score and will only add further to the celebratory nature of this delightful piece.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info.

Jubilate (Alfred Music)
080689203237 - SATB / Piano / Opt. Handbells

Welcoming the King
Fill your sanctuary with the joyous sound of children singing Hosannas on Palm Sunday, accompanied by a bright piano part and optional handbells. Simple to learn and affirming in performance, structured partly as a round and partly as a partner song, it is easy enough for the young singers to sing and wave their palm branches at the same time.

Harold Flammer (Shawnee Press)
35027765 - 2-part treble, opt. handbells

When Jesus Wept
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
William Billings's penetrating fuging tune is presented with expansive open harmony and a modicum of notes to preserve the starkness of the text it accompanies. "When Jesus wept, the falling tear in mercy flowed beyond all bound; when Jesus groaned, a trembling fear seized all the guilty world around." A somber, introspective work of intense beauty for Handbells or Handchimes in 3 octaves. Level 2+.

20/1426L - 3 Octaves Handbells or Handchimes

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