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Patriotic / Brotherhood

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Ruthie has arranged the "prequel" to her very popular "America the Beautiful" (BL276), skillfully setting "America" (My Country 'Tis of Thee; Thesaurus Musicus, words by Samuel F. Smith) for three-part mixed chorus and optional baritone. Beginning with an optional intro, the song starts a cappella and builds verse by verse to a powerful conclusion. While it is magnificent on its own, an alternate ending that enables a segue into her arrangement of "America the Beautiful" creates a stirring patriotic medley. Suitable for school or church use, wonderful for end-of-year ceremonies or concerts with a patriotic theme. Commissioned by the Midland High School Chorus, Midland, Michigan (Robert Sabourin, director). <

Free MP3 part-by-part rehearsal aids and accompaniments are available from the publisher.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL675 - Three-part Mixed / Opt. Baritone

America the Beautiful (cover) America the Beautiful
View scoreView SAT(B) score page 1
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Unison / Two Part)
The classic patriotic piece has been arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram for school or church use.  Use it to begin or end your concert, or as an encore.  The optional baritone part in the mixed voicing offers more options for choirs with changing male voices.  Suitable for observances of national holidays or general use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL276 - SAT(B)
BL277 - Unison / Two Part
BLCD00T3 or BLCD00T4 - Accompaniment CD

America, Land I Love
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2, page 8
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
America is truly a land of many cultures, and this anthem celebrates the freedom and diversity which make our nation great!  This patriotic arrangement includes the Pledge of Allegiance, parts of "The Star Spangled Banner," and "America."   Optional Guitar, Bass, and Drum parts are included in the score.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SV9990 - Three Part Mixed
SV9989CD - Accompaniment CD

By Your Side and In Your Heart
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This inspirational text by Lynne Wolfe-Richards has been set to powerful music by Ruth Elaine Schram and makes the perfect graduation piece. "...Let the river be your guide, let the sun be your warmth, let the trees be your shelter, let the wind be your force; you have nothing to fear, nothing to hide, and remember I am always by your side and in your heart..." Due to the themes of nature woven throughout, this song would also be a good choice for Earth Day or Spring concerts.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM00075 - SATB
SVM00076 - SAB
SVM00075CD - Accompaniment CD

Caring For Each Other
"Caring for each other, being there for one another, sharing the good times, overcoming the bad; that's what we're here for." That's the opening lyric of this positive and upbeat song of caring and sharing by Ruth Elaine Schram. It's a great message that everyone young and old can and should relate to. Great for Spring Concerts or general use, or as a signature piece for your choral ensemble.

Available from your favorite dealer or direct from the publisher either as a digital download or in print form.

Print Music Source
Three-part Mixed - Three-part Mixed
Two-Part - Two-Part

Choose to Stand
View scoreView SATB score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
A song of strength and brotherhood with a lifelong message for everyone! Appropriate programming for concerts throughout the year, also suitable as a theme song for drug awareness campaigns. Available in multiple voicings (the Two Part version works beautifully as a Unison piece as well).

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM03043 - Three Part Mixed
SVM93944 - Two Part
SVM03042CD - Accompaniment CD

Colors of Love (cover) Colors of Love
View scoreView score page 4, page 5
MP3 audioListen to an excerpt
Wonderful message of multi-cultural acceptance by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram. "...All the world is painted with colors of love..." Text focuses on our similarities rather than our differences, and yet points out that there is beauty in all the variations.

Shawnee Press
D0502 - Three Part Mixed

Fly High, You Grand Old Flag
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
How do you spell built-in success for young, developing choirs? A partner song that works! The patriotic George M. Cohan favorite "You're a Grand Old Flag" is partnered with a delightful original melody for use any time of the year. A rousing, energetic gem that will get your audience on their feet!

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2194H - Two Part
99/1961H - Heritage Accompaniment CD #18 (Multi-song)

Give Me America
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
This uplifting patriotic gem features limited ranges and extreme accessibility. An original melody introduces the theme as the song builds from unison to harmony. In the final section, the original material works in partnership with My Country, 'Tis of Thee, and then concludes with the climactic statement: Give me America; let freedom ring! Sure-fire success for your developing Elementary or Middle School choir.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2293H - Three Part Mixed
15/2333H - Two Part
99/2129H - Accompaniment CD

The Handshake Shake (cover) The Handshake Shake
View scoreView score page 1, page 2, page 3
Delightful, lively song by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram with multi-cultural appeal has optional percussion parts for your students to enjoy. With a hint of a Spanish feel, this bright little tune is sung in both English and Spanish (pronunciation guide is included) and has optional choreography. Upbeat message about acceptance and friendship between cultures is a perfect tool to use in today's classroom.

E0341 - Two Part

I Have a Dream
From her collection "Every Day's a Holiday" (30/2477H), Ruth Elaine Schram offers this powerful partner song that celebrates our freedom and equality. The lyrical original melody pairs with the traditional "We Shall Overcome" in vocal parts that are accessible and easily learned. Sensitive and thoughtful, this selection is perfect for young and developing choirs and an obvious choice for Black History Month, Martin Luther King Day, or other patriotic celebrations. Beautifully orchestrated Accompaniment CD by Greg Gilpin is available as well.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/2751H - Unison / Opt. Two-part
15/2257H - Three-part Mixed
99/2748H - Performance/Accompaniment CD

I Will Sing (cover) I Will Sing
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (Three Part Mixed)
"I will sing, though the world may be silent, I believe someone is listening..."   Beautiful, uplifting song of the power of music to bring us together and of the difference that one individual joining with others can make.   Commissioned by the Alabama ACDA Young Voices Festival, Shirley Ellison and Lisa Latham, Co-Directors.  Optional cello part included in score.

21111 - Three-Part Mixed (Level Three)
21112 - Two-Part (Level Two)

I Will Stand Up for You
Strongly impact your choir and their classmates with a message of friendship and acceptance with this inspirational piece by Ruth Elaine Schram and her daughter, Celsie Staggers. Celsie is an Elementary Music teacher, and wanted to create a song that took a strong stance against bullying, but from a positive standpoint.

May be performed by Unison or Two Part voices, with comfortable ranges and a strong melodic chorus. Perfect for the ensemble just beginning to learn to sing independent harmonic lines.

Heritage (Lorenz)
15/3100H - Unison / opt. Two-Part
99/3496H - P/A CD
99/3503H - Heritage Compilation Trak 26

In My World
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
"In the world of my dreams, there is love, there is harmony.  There is laughter and joy, there's a home for every girl and boy. In my world, no child goes to bed feeling hungry.  There is plenty for everyone.... How hard can it be to make the world of my dreams the world that we see?  We have the vision, and the courage, and the power and the knowledge to make it so!..."  Powerful, uplifting song, perfect for graduation ceremonies, Spring concerts, or general use.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01055 - Two Part

Irish Friendship Wish
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen
This setting of one of the many Irish Blessings is beautifully set with a gentle melody and colorful, yet supportive, harmonies in the keyboard. Very expressive, this piece may be performed unison, as a solo, or as a Two Part work. Suitable any time during the school year, it is especially meaningful as an end-of-year piece or for graduation services.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL385 - Unison / Two Part
BLCD00T9 - Accompaniment CD

Light a Candle for Peace
View scoreView score page 2, page 3
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Though this gentle, flexible anthem is a perfect choice when lighting the peace candle during Advent, it is not so specific to Advent that it could not be used throughout the year for other services with a "peace" focus, particularly 9/11 memorial services. The optional child's solo can be a particularly breathtaking option and the flowing keyboard writing helps make this a real winner. Ruth Elaine Schram is known for her tender music of hope and she has touched this subject with her special magical melding of melody and text. Cello obligato included in score, which adds a beautiful, crowning touch.

Shawnee Press
A8771 - SATB (opt. Child solo or section)

May I Be a Hero
View scoreView score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
This flowing original selection passes a lovely and thoughtful melody between the voices in a flawless stream of music that practically sings itself. Perfect for graduation, concert closer or a signature piece, this work will be taken to heart by all who sing it and listen to it. Also available for solo voice in the "When I Reflect" collection.

Carl Fischer
CM8785 - SATB
VF6 - Solo book and CD

May the Road Rise to Meet You
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 1, page 2
MP3 audioListen to an excerpt
This fresh setting of the "Old Irish Blessing" is gentle and positive, yet can be sung with firm unanimity.  The message of hope and encouragement, and wish for a safe return, is appropriate for use throughout the year.   It would make a very meaningful benediction, or end to a Spring concert or Graduation ceremony.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL184 - Three Part Mixed
BL185 - Unison / Optional Two Part

My Declaration (I Will Stand)
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Commissioned in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 by the Montgomery Academy in Montgomery, Alabama (Damion Womack, director), this patriotic ballad gives singers the opportunity to make a stand for their nation and for freedom. This powerful, moving song of unity is available for SATB voices and has a soprano descant on the final chorus.

Shawnee Press
A2176 - SATB
CD0137 - Accompaniment CD

A Song in Every Heart
View scoreView score page 5, page 6
MP3 audioClick here to listen
Commissioned by Sullivan Middle School, Rock Hill, South Carolina (Beverly J. Laney, director).  This song emphasizes that because we are all unique, each of us contributes something to the symphony of life.  When we combine our individual songs of celebration, love and joy (as well as our songs of strife, sorrow, loneliness and despair) we come together in harmony and unity.  Uplifting message of hope and acceptance, perfectly suited for Middle School or Junior High School voices.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL324 - Three Part Mixed

Thank You Again
View scoreView score page 3, page 4
With tender music appropriate for her text, Ruth Elaine Schram has written a lovely two-part treble piece that will do much to encourage thoughtfulness in the young performers. The piece is particularly suitable for Patriotic celebrations, acknowledging not only the contribution of parents and grandparents in our lives, but with an alternate text to honor civil servants such as police, firefighters and the armed forces.

Carl Fischer
CM9068 - Two Part Treble

Ubi Caritas
View scoreView SATB score page 3, page 4
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SSA)
Powerful setting of the Latin text which means "where there is charity and love, God is there." Although there are some unexpected chord progressions, this song is only moderately difficult. Available in three voicings. May be used in church settings; also suitable for school contest and festival use.

BriLee (Carl Fischer)
BL259 - SATB
BL260 - SSA
BL261 - Unison / Optional Two Part

We Stand United
"We stand united for the USA. We band together gaining ground each day, sowing seeds of hope for true equality and a future rich with opportunity...." This patriotic original by Ruth Elaine Schram and Aren Newell Williams presents an important truth as we join together in our efforts and understanding of the past, present and future. It honors the cost and sacrifice of those who have gone before us while stirring our personal commitments to the values upon which our nation was built. Teaching opportunities abound, and a learning resource page is included for application of this piece to the standards. Trumpet, snare drum and optional narration may be added to enhance the performance.

Choristers Guild
CGE221 - Three-part Mixed
CGE222 - Two-part
CGECD91 - Performance / Accompaniment CD

We the People
View scoreView Three Part Mixed score page 9
MP3 audioListen to an excerpt (SATB)
Powerful, patriotic piece incorporating the Preamble to the Constitution (speech chorus), and quoting "The Star Spangled Banner."  Coordinate your school's curriculum with the memorization of the Preamble!  Suitable any time during the school year, or for patriotic celebrations.  Optional bass and snare drum parts included.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM01085 - Two Part
SVM01083CD - Accompaniment CD

What Lies Within
View scoreView SATB score page 1, page 7
MP3 audioClick here to listen (SATB)
Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram have created a powerful work quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson: "What lies behind us, what lies before us, does not compare to that which lies within!..." A strong a cappella beginning unfolds into the perfect selection for Spring concerts, Graduation ceremonies, or concerts that feature inspirational songs of optimism in the human spirit.

Alfred (formerly Warner Bros.)
SVM02047 - Two Part

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